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How to Recover from Jet Lag Faster to Enjoy your Honeymoon

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For many couples, a honeymoon is a chance to explore an exotic place together, take endearing photos and sample new cuisine. This experience is much more enjoyable if both of you are not suffering from jet lag. When you’re “jet-lagged,” you’re likely to feel sleepy during the day and yet find it difficult to sleep at night. It’s not the best way to feel on your honeymoon. So, I wanted to bring in an expert of sleep,, to come in and do a quick guest blog post for all of us on how to recover from jet lag faster to enjoy your honeymoon.


The mechanism behind jet lag is your circadian rhythm. This biological process tells your body when to be awake (daytime) or asleep (night time). Unfortunately, when you travel multiple time zones, your body doesn’t adjust as quickly as you fly. You might spend a couple of days on “Seattle time” when you should be on “Aruba time.”


However, there are some steps that you can take to prepare your body for traveling. Plus, you can use your flight time to make further adjustments, so that once you are there, your jet lag symptoms are lessened. Here’s the plan:

Before you Leave on your Honeymoon

Starting up to a week before you leave, try to adjust your bedtime closer to your new destination. For example, if you are living in Seattle and traveling to the Caribbean, you’ll want to start going to bed earlier. You can do this in small increments if you start far enough ahead of time. For example, if you’re changing six hours, you could start moving your bedtime up one hour each night. Of course, there’s still a good chance that you won’t match your new time zone precisely. It’s not possible to sleep through your own wedding reception to match the new time zone, but every bit that you adjust your circadian rhythm helps.


Get high-quality sleep before you leave. There’s no telling how well you’ll sleep on your honeymoon, so take advantage of sleeping in your own bed if you can. Darken the room with blackout curtains, so the sunlight doesn’t disrupt your time zone adjustments. Keep the bedroom as cool as possible. Sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress will also help you to stay cool because they breathe better than memory foam alternatives. Do what you can to make sure that you don’t start your trip already sleepy.

On the Flight

The recommendations for the flight depend on where you are going. The end goal is to align yourself with your new time zone. So, if you’re flying during your new time zone’s night, it may be a good idea to sleep on the flight. However, if you are flying during your destination’s daytime, you should probably stay awake. As a rule of thumb, try to stay awake in the air if you are flying west. Flying this direction usually feels like a long day, but it’s easier than flying east. Circadian rhythms are a bit longer than 24 hours, so it’s easier to lengthen your day than shorten it. Check your destination’s time to get an idea of what works best for you.

At your Destination

While it’s tempting to stay inside with your new spouse, getting out into the daylight is one of the best ways to combat jet lag. Being in the sunlight indicates to your biological clock that it’s time to be awake. At night, try to stay in areas that are not brightly lit. Dimmer lighting tells your body that it may be sleeping time instead. Plus, it’s romantic!

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Do what you need to do to adjust your body to the new time zone. Then you can enjoy as many days as possible on your romantic getaway.

I sincerely hope these tips have really helped you figure out how to recover from jet lag faster so that you can just get back to your honeymoon… or just any vacation you take.

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