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Hey! Welcome to my blog! As a Seattle, Snohomish, and Woodinville, Whidbey Island, and destination wedding photographer, I do my very best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to provide as much value to you as I can.  Browse around, have a look, and let me know your questions! My wife, Haley, and I are always here to help. We are so happy you are here, and we can't wait to chat with you about your wedding day!

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When you are considering having a destination wedding, there are lots of typical questions to ask, but here – you will learn the top 5 questions to ask your destination wedding photographer. Have you photographed a destination wedding in this country before? While it’s not super crucial that your photographer has experience photographing weddings in […]

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Wedding days are LOTS of fun. And with great fun comes great responsibility. That’s sort of the movie line, right?  Pay attention to these wedding safety tips I’ve been to a lot of weddings. A LOT of weddings. A LOTTTTT. The wedding day is perhaps the most important day of an individual’s life. As couples exchange […]

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When you’re walking down the aisle on your wedding day, you should be thinking about how happy you feel and how excited you are to finally be married. You shouldn’t be worried about clogged pores or dry skin or how your face will look in photos. For perfect wedding day skin, you need to start […]

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Nearly every photographer or wedding planner will have different advice about this, and that’s okay – because we all operate differently, and we all have different levels (and types) of experience.  If you are wondering, “do you need a second wedding photographer” for your wedding day, I am here to lend my 100% honest and […]

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Let’s be real for a second. Like, actually 100% truthfully real.  As a business person, it’s (most likely) bad if you are actually being authentic. So, let’s become strategically authentic. This post is primarily for content creators of any kind of media, but it applies to pretty much everybody.  Most of us have seen the #liveauthentic […]

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