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Hey! Welcome to my blog! As a Seattle, Snohomish, and Woodinville, Whidbey Island, and destination wedding photographer, I do my very best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to provide as much value to you as I can.  Browse around, have a look, and let me know your questions! My wife, Haley, and I are always here to help. We are so happy you are here, and we can't wait to chat with you about your wedding day!

It’s not every year that I decide to take on a NYE wedding, but when I heard the details from Khadija & Pat about their day, I just had to say yes. They envisioned a day full of beautiful glamour, but a laid-back style & approach that was full of their closest friends and family. […]

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There are a LOT of beautiful wedding venues around downtown Seattle. LOTS. But the Axis Pioneer Square wedding venue has a certain charm to it that is rather distinguishable compared to all the others. The brick walls, the grittiness of Pioneer Square, and the coziness of the environment makes it for a truly special wedding venue […]

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Most Seattle wedding venues that I have photographed over the years make me feel like I’m right in the thick of it. Right in the core of the urban vibe of city-livin’.  Now, quite a few of the couples that book me aren’t wanting that vibe, and so maybe you’re here because you’re not wanting […]

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After all of the Seattle weddings that I have photographed, there is one that always stands out to me. One that is more unique, more peaceful, more traditional, and more amazing.  That would be the Villa Academy wedding venue. I’m not paid to say this. I just truly think it’s gorgeous. Maybe it’s because I’m drawn […]

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The Georgetown Ballroom wedding venue is one of the most unique wedding venues in Seattle.  It’s got brick walls, multiple rooms for getting ready, and lots of character & charm.  It’s a pretty eclectic place, and one that can create some issues for photography if you don’t know how to handle your lighting correctly.  (Darn […]

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