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3 Outdoor Wedding Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered

hot air balloon engagement photos

Few things are as exciting as getting married. What if you want to make it more so? Some brave and adventure-loving couples want to exchange their vows in a way that will make their special day one they will never ever forget.

hot air balloon engagement photos


Skydiving Wedding

Marriage is an adventure. So is jumping out of a plane. For experienced skydivers, there’s no special training necessary, though you might want to do a few trial runs. For novice skydivers, lessons are required. You both want to make it through the nuptials in one piece so you can start your life together. Lessons for beginners are available at most skydiving facilities. There are also indoor skydiving locations where you can start by getting your feet wet and have the feeling of falling through the air.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Floating over a beautiful landscape, sometimes high above the clouds is the adventure wedding some couples dream of. While accidents do happen, they are rare. Make sure you practice necessary caution to make sure that your airborne nuptials will be legendary and not unsafe. Passengers allowed in a hot air balloon can range from about four to fifty, depending on the company you book with and the size of the hot air balloon. You might want to look at your guest list before choosing one. For a truly small, intimate wedding with just the two of you and witnesses, the balloon pilot could double as your officiant (with the necessary documentation, of course). The wedding guests can wait for you below and wave and cheer as you pass overhead.

Horseback Wedding

You have so many options if you choose to have a wedding on horseback adventure. If you’re a fan of the country aesthetic, you can even go the western route with both of you wearing cowboy boots and hats with your special day ensembles. The wedding party could be dressed in fitting with the western theme and on horseback. Your invitations could let friends and family know the theme in case they want to dress up in their special occasion western garb and be in the saddle during the ceremony. A wedding on horseback can be done easily on a farm or on a beach, but it can be done in a more populated area as well. All you need is an equestrian setting with permission from the stable to have your wedding performed. Many stables have adjoining restaurants where you might have your reception.

Your wedding will be a milestone in your life that you will remember forever. Whether you become one with your love in a hot air balloon or atop a noble steed, you are off on the adventure of a lifetime.

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