The Top 10 Best Seattle Wedding Venues

Over my career as a Seattle wedding photographer, I've come to know quite a few of the best Seattle wedding venues. So, I wanted to take the time and create some free resources for you to check out. So, even if you haven't chatted with me yet to be your wedding photographer, you could most certainly still be in planning your Seattle wedding. Of course, any list of "Best Seattle wedding venues" is going to be 100% subjective to personal tastes. These are my favorite venues in the city, and each image in the below grid will direct you to a blog post for that particular wedding venue. Have a look, and as always, let me know if you have any questions about any of these Seattle wedding venues, or any questions about any other. No matter the distance, I want to be your wedding photographer. 

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My Favorite Seattle Wedding Venues

After having been a Seattle wedding photographer now for over a decade... I've personally photographed many of them. Here, I'll show you my favorites, then link you to blog posts about each of them so you can learn with greater detail! Let's get straight into it, shall we? Here's my top 10 Seattle wedding venues in no particular order.

Wedding Venues

Admirals House

Fremont Foundry

Axis Pioneer Square

Waterways Cruises & Events

SOdo Park

Fairmont Olympic

SOrrento Hotel

Rays Boathouse

Melrose Market

coming soon...

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