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A quick peek into the best Whidbey Island wedding venues and tips & advice for having a Whidbey Island wedding.

Let's start off by saying this: I absolutely love being a Whidbey Island wedding photographer. Just being on the island feels more peaceful. And the venues are all beautiful in their own way. Have a look below for some advice for having your wedding on Whidbey Island, and keep scrolling to towards the bottom for a grid of what I consider to be the best Whidbey Island wedding venues. When you want to unwind, be truly present with your guests on your wedding day, and smell that ocean air - you should consider your wedding to be on the island. Just keep on reading to hear my thoughts and advice. 

- Kyle Goldie, Luma Weddings

Whidbey Island Wedding photographer

Whidbey Island Wedding Tips & Advice

Q: What day should I have my wedding on the island?

A: Avoid Friday, if possible. Friday weddings on Whidbey Island are unadvisable since Friday ferry traffic can be a bit of a nightmare, especially for your guests. So, if you are planning to have a Whidbey Island wedding, steer towards having your wedding on a Saturday or Sunday.  That said, if you want a Friday wedding (or multi-day wedding) on the island, it's totally doable. Just plan accordingly for that extra Friday ferry traffic.

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Q: Whidbey Island wedding venues are getting booked up! How far in advance should I book my venue?

A: Yep! The advice I give here for Whidbey Island wedding venues is the exact same advice that I give for any other wedding venue region that is incredibly popular. So, as soon as you know your wedding date that you want - book it! Don't wait at all. Lock it in! And when you approach the venue of your dreams, it's even a good idea to have a backup date in mind. After all, if that Saturday you want to book is already taken, booking that venue on Sunday might not only be available, but it might be available for a lower rate as well! Each owner/manager operates differently, so make sure to get in touch with them directly and ask your questions early. There's never a time "too early" to lock in the venue and the vendors who you really want to ensure are there for you on your wedding day. Same goes for your Whidbey Island wedding photographer - me. I've had many couples even book with me prior to their wedding to ensure they have their date reserved on my calendar, and then they find a wedding venue that fits that date.

Q: Where should I get ready for my Whidbey Island wedding?

A: Rent an Air B&B! There are some super gorgeous ones available. And depending on the wedding venue that you book, I highly recommend you book a waterfront rental in Admiralty Bay. They're stunning, and the area there makes for a great place for photos as well as providing you with a peaceful setting as you get ready on your big day. Check out the options. There's quite a few of them. Waterfront for the win!

Q: Where should we take our wedding photos on Whidbey Island?

A: This really depends on where you are getting ready. If you happen to book a gorgeous house/location for your getting ready photographs, it could be the perfect spot to also do your first-look with each other! So, we can totally start there and then get even more photographs with the rest of your wedding party at your wedding venue itself. That way, you are getting two locations without any extra driving! Win-win. And when a win-win scenario is available, that's always awesome.

Q: How many hours of photography coverage do we need?

A: It totally depends on your big day details, but most couples are totally happy with 8 hours. If you are wanting more of the "all day" sort of coverage, 10 hours would be your best match -- but 9 hours is the happy middle ground. The biggest decision is really all about how much reception that you want covered by your Snohomish wedding photographer. Are you planning on doing a special send-off at the end of the night? If so, you might want that 10 hour coverage -- if you don't want to do a fake send-off when your photographer is scheduled to leave. There's a few variables here. For now, the most important thing is locking in your Snohomish wedding photographer by locking them in. You can always add on time after everything is made official.

Q: Is the ferry difficult for me or my wedding guests?

A: The simple answer - no. It's really quite easy. That's assuming a Friday or Sunday wedding, and that's also assuming that your guests coordinate their schedules appropriately to catch a ferry in the morning and allow ample time for the trip. Personally, I plan to miss 2 ferries and catch the 3rd. And if I catch that 1st or 2nd ferry, then great -- I got there super duper early. And if I catch that 3rd ferry, I'm still on time (early again). Plan for worst-case scenario, hope for the best, and you and your guests will be totally fine. And for those who don't want to risk any ferries, just drive around. Yep, you can drive around across the Deception Pass bridge in Anacortes and south down from there. It's a peaceful drive. Yes, it will take longer than catching that first ferry, but if you are at all concerned about it, driving around is an option. And if you or your guests live around Everett or a bit further north, driving around rather than catching the ferry might actually be a faster option, too.

Q: Which wedding venue on Whidbey Island should I book?

A: Start with your ideal aesthetics that you're wanting for your photographs. Then, think about your budget. And then figure out which wedding venue can hold the number of guests that you are searching for. (Have a look below at the grid I created for you). After you have the basic details set in your mind between you and your fiance, start contacting those wedding venues and inquire about their availability, rates, and what is included. And through that process, get in touch with me as well to ensure that I still have your wedding date available on my calendar. After all, I want to be your Whidbey Island wedding photographer. Use the contact form on my website, and let's chat!

Browse the curated, top-8 best Whidbey Island wedding venues

The Wayfarer

Crockett Farm

Fireseed Catering

Dancing Fish Farm

Jenne Farm

Fairmont Olympic wedding venue

Sorrento hotel wedding venue

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The Quintessa

Greenbank Farm

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Top 8 Whidbey Island Wedding Venues

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Coming Soon...

Comforts of Whidbey

Admiral's House

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