Let's start off by saying this: I absolutely love being a Whidbey Island wedding photographer. Just being on the island feels more peaceful. And the venues are all beautiful in their own way. Some are nestled in the forest, others are on a beautiful farm, and some have astonishing views of the valley and the water around you. Even though Whidbey Island wedding venues are so close to the Greater Seattle area, you really do feel like you are at a destination wedding. So, take advantage of that fact. I really couldn't recommend the area highly enough if you are searching for a really peaceful, stress-free wedding day. And really, isn't that the goal?

Have a look below for some advice for having your wedding on Whidbey Island, and keep scrolling to towards the bottom for a grid of what I consider to be the best Whidbey Island wedding venues. When you want to unwind, be truly present with your guests on your wedding day, and smell that ocean air - you should consider your wedding to be on Whidbey Island. Just keep on reading to hear my thoughts and advice if you're considering an island wedding. 

The Best Whidbey Island Wedding Venues

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Crockett Farm

Fireseed Catering

The Wayfarer

Greenbank Farm

Dancing Fish Farm

The Quintessa

Comforts of Whidbey

The Inn at Langley

Private Backyard Weddings

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Just a quick ferry ride over from Mukilteo, or a drive around Deception Pass, these Whidbey Island wedding venues are an absolute cannot miss. Don't let the commute stop you from having the wedding of your dreams. Because not only are these Whidbey Island wedding venues super gorgeous and really peaceful, they can also save you a bit of money when comparing to the major wedding market around downtown Seattle.  Win-win, anyone?

My Favorite Whidbey Island Wedding Venues

A: For that answer, head on over to my other page on my website that's all about me being a Whidbey Island wedding photographer. But the short answer is -- it depends on which of the Whidbey Island wedding venues that you choose. Because some venues are close to beaches, whereas others are nestled into the forest and away from other portrait location possibilities. So, do your research and really think about the aesthetic that you're wanting from your photos. And if you're unsure, you can always just reach out to me directly.

Q: Where should we take our wedding photos on Whidbey Island?

A: Absolutely. Sure, Whidbey Island wedding venues don't typically cater to the ultra-luxurious 5-star hotel ballroom wedding segment of the industry, but if you're even considering an island wedding - my guess is that you're 100% okay with that. Just keep in mind that when you book most wedding venues, you can think of it like a clean slate. It's your blank canvas. You are in total control over the ultimate aesthetic - especially if you are planning on having an outdoor reception with farm tables rather than an indoor reception within a barn setting. It's completely and totally up to you how you design your wedding day. 

Q: I don't want a rustic wedding, so is Whidbey Island still the right fit?

A: I get asked that question frequently, and it's difficult to say which wedding venue I prefer... because it's not my wedding day. It's yours. What I would recommend you do is first - check out the blog posts about each venue through the grid above, narrow your list down to 3 of your top Whidbey Island wedding venues, and then reach out to those three to schedule a tour. 

Through simple things like their websites, their content on their websites, and through their communication, you will quickly identify which venue is going to be the best fit for you. Then, of course, the actual tour walkthrough will give you the final "yes" to your decision. And as always, just reach out to me if you've narrowed it down to your top 3 Whidbey Island wedding venues... and I will be happy to lend my personal and professional insight based on your unique goals for your wedding day.

Q: Which wedding venue on Whidbey Island do you recommend the most?

A: The short answer is yes. Whidbey Island wedding venues can seem like they're far away because you have to head over on the ferry, but when just thinking about it in a different light and in a more positive way - isn't that a really cool thing about it? Your wedding day on Whidbey Island would feel more like a destination wedding without the destination wedding price tag! Score! 

Moreover, in my experience being a Whidbey Island wedding photographer, photographing Whidbey Island wedding venues is actually (in all honesty and reality), way more peaceful than a traditional Seattle wedding. That's why I try to steer couples towards having a wedding day that is a bit more rural. It's more peaceful, less stressful, less costly, and more fun. I can go on, but you see the positives of booking Whidbey Island wedding venues now, right?

Q: I don't really want to deal with the ferry. Is it worth it?

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