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Fireseed Catering, A Whidbey Island Wedding Venue

What do I say? What do I say when it comes to this absolutely stunning wedding at the Fireseed Catering wedding venue on Whidbey Island.  I mean come on… the bride is absolutely gorgeous, the groom is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and their entire day was super laid back, on true island time, and every single detail was taken into consideration. All of it – and I really mean all of it – just felt so cozy. So homey. So at peace. And when it comes to a wedding day, that’s exactly how it should feel. And for Haley & Spencer’s wedding, that’s exactly how it was. And it reminded me exactly why I love being a Whidbey Island wedding photographer.

Spencer got ready at the Inn at Langley, which has to just be one of the cutest little hotels around Whidbey Island.  It’s right on the waterfront, it has that high-end vibe, but it also has that lodge feel that you want from a getaway place on the island. And sure, his groomsmen were running a little bit behind schedule, but what’s a wedding if it was on schedule, am I right?

The sun was out in full glory. It was warm, but there was a super nice breeze swirling around to keep us all cool. And whenever we found shade, we certainly made the best of it.

Haley was getting ready in an Air B&B overlooking the water as well, but on a different part of the island. And when I arrived, all they wanted to do was get on with getting married! It was so cute how much excitement there was in the air, and so they took a final couple drinks to get that celebration started early — and then it was off to their wedding venue – Fireseed Catering – to hop into the dress and to have their first look.


Now let’s chat really quickly about the Fireseed Catering wedding venue.

Personally, this was my very first wedding that I’ve photographed at Fireseed, but it’s certainly not my first on Whidbey Island, and definitely not anywhere near my first if you include all the gorgeous San Juan Island weddings I’ve photographed over the years (more from those below at the bottom of this blog post).

But the wedding venue itself was… surprising. In the best way possible.

It’s on a large property, secluded away from all city noise, all traffic, and you really feel tucked away from the rest of the world. And in my eye’s, that’s absolutely perfect. You park your car off to the side of the property, and then you have a quick little walk 100 feet off to your left to get ready in their wedding reception building… and simply start to just relax.

All of the wedding & event vendors on site are super friendly, super welcoming, answering everyone’s questions, and the entire building and grounds around it are impeccably clean and well landscaped. Everything about this place just screamed island getaway to me.

From the cocktail hour under the trees, to the ceremony site with a pond as a backdrop, to the indoor reception hall with beautiful ambiance, I really can recommend this Whidbey Island wedding venue without hesitation. And I don’t say that lightly, either. It’s a really beautiful place. And because it’s just across the ferry, it’s really quite simple to get to. It’s a great option if you’re considering an island wedding venue.


Now, back to the wedding!

But you know what, wedding photos do more speaking than I ever could. I could write an entire book on how beautiful everything was that day at Fireseed Catering. I could write a book about how much this beautiful couple really loved each other and how it showed – right down to how Haley covered up a stain on Spencer’s shirt when wine was spilled on it.  I could write about how their energy was infectious, but… let’s get to their wedding photos.

Check out these wedding photos from Fireseed Catering on Whidbey Island. And message me if you’re looking for a wedding or portrait photographer! Because you know I’d love to be there for you.


Getting ready for their Fireseed Catering wedding on Whidbey Island Getting ready at the Inn at Langley for his Fireseed Catering wedding on Whidbey Island

Beautiful wedding on Whidbey Island wedding venue at a secluded farm lodge

Thank you again, Haley & Spencer! You guys are truly awesome.


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