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4 Things for the Best Man to Bring on the Wedding Day

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Amidst all of the wedding day disorder and pre-ceremony jitters, it’s likely that the groom’s mind is going to be heavily preoccupied, which is why being the best man is such an important role. You are the groom’s friend, his second set of eyes and ears, and his go-to guy for any issue that may arise.

Whether he needs someone to vent to or keep the rings in a safe place for the day, he’s depending on you to take some of the pressure off of him and make sure everything goes smoothly. Since there are so many things that can spring up out of nowhere on the big day, here are some tips to prepare for any wedding mishap so you can live up to your title and be there for the groom.


[1] Cold Sore Medication


Though wedding photos give us the opportunity to relive and remember all the positive memories from our wedding day, they will also be a constant reminder of any little imperfection. Everybody wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day, and blemishes like acne or cold sores can serve as a distraction in the wedding album.

Cold sores can stem from a number of different factors, such as exhaustion, excess stress or anxiety, or a weak immune system, all factors strongly associated with the busy wedding planning phase. Since the groom is susceptible to all these potential consequences of planning a wedding, he will likely need a quick solution to get rid of a cold sore at a moment’s notice. This is where the best man comes in. Keep some cold sore treatment handy so you can save the day (and save the wedding photos).


[2] Grooming Products


Anybody anywhere is at risk for a bad hair day. Plus, so many weddings take place outdoors which leaves the groom’s appearance vulnerable to the elements. Even if the wedding isn’t outdoors, transportation to and from all stops on the wedding day increase the risk that he’ll need a little touching up before the ceremony. Anything from his hair to his beard can be afflicted by the outside world, so you should bring some emergency grooming products with you on the day of the wedding to ensure there are no concerns when the cameras come out.

Keeping an emergency grooming kit can save the day with any problem. Bring some hair gel or hairspray to help with any styling difficulties he might be having before the ceremony. Similarly, if humidity gets the best of his beard, have some beard oil accessible to keep his beard intact and more appealing. Having any of these products close by will make the groom thankful that he chose you as his right-hand man.


[3] Cough and Cold Relief


The stress and complications of planning a wedding can take a huge toll on the couple’s health, and it is highly likely that they will get sick. Between a lack of sleep, the pressures of deadlines and the scrutinization of every little detail until the day of the wedding, the groom’s immune system is likely to be sacrificed. The last thing he should have to think about is having a cough or cold on his wedding day.

Coughs and colds can drain the energy from your body, leaving you fatigued with a lack of motivation. The best man should be prepared with some instant cough and cold relief to lessen the discomfort of his illness in its earliest stages. Help the groom have only positive thoughts on his big day by encouraging him to drink lots of water and storing medication nearby.


[4] List from the Bride


If there’s one thing many brides can agree on, it’s that they often have to remind their husbands of almost everything, no matter how big or small. On a day as important as the day of the wedding, the bride can’t risk her husband forgetting something significant like the rings, his tux, or shoes. This is why you should get a list from the bride of everything the groom will need on the wedding day.

Ask the bride to write down everything she’ll need the groom to bring on the wedding day and every place he needs to be at what time. That way there will be no room for miscommunication or setbacks and you can be trusted to get the groom and groomsmen to the altar on time and in one piece.

You’ve been given an important role, so don’t drop the ball. Do everything you can to make the day easier for the groom so he can focus on the happiest day of his life.


[5] Your favorite Whiskey

I mean, come on. What’s a wedding day without a fine whiskey (or your favorite drink?). Calm those nerves, relax, have fun. This day is about you. Put your best man to work, haha.