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5 Steps You Should Take to Look Radiant on Your Wedding Day

Molokai wedding at the Molokai Sea Ranch, Hawaii

You want to look gorgeous on your wedding day. This is one of the biggest days of your life and you will be looking at wedding pictures for decades to come, so preparing for your special day should be a special and happy process. Below are five ways to look radiant and draw all eyes to you.

Molokai wedding at the Molokai Sea Ranch, Hawaii

Skin Treatment

On your wedding day, you will want a flawless complexion to showcase. There are a variety of treatments available in many budget ranges. Treat your skin with masks, peels, exfoliation, moisturizers, and microderm abrasion. Facials are a great way to unclog pores, hydrate, and remove old skin cells revealing a fresh layer of skin. Some facials reduces dark eye circles and puffiness, while others tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. With skin treatments, be sure to do them well in advance of the wedding because some can leave your skin irritated for a few days.

Hair Treatment

You want your hair to be soft, silky, and easy to style on your wedding day. Depending on the needs for you particular hair, that might mean a keratin treatment, a scalp massage, a deep conditioning treatment, or an anti-dandruff treatment. There are also relaxers and straighteners to consider. It would be best to do this well in advance of the wedding so you can play with styles.

Dental Cleaning

Getting clean teeth will not only make your teeth look picture perfect, but will make you feel better for your day. A dental cleaning will remove plaque and tarter, which will create healthier gums. Not only will it give you a great smile, but dental cleaning helps long-term health as well.


You may not think about your nails, but they will show up in pictures. From a closeup of your wedding rings, to cutting the cake your nails will be visible. Not only will your nails look great, but a manicure is another way to relax.


You may not be showing your toes during the ceremony, but they will be on display later on dancing at the reception and if you go on a beach honeymoon. A pedicure includes more than just toenails. It can also include heel scaling and a massage to make your feet soft.


While it may be difficult to carve out time for all the treatments you want to look perfect, it is well worth the effort, and you will remember the beauty and love and perfection of that day forever when you see your pictures. Not only will the results be amazing, but taking time for yourself will relieve wedding planning stress.


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