A Beginners Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Colors​​​​​​​

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A beautiful color scheme is one of the primary elements of a wedding event. Whether you want a cozy ceremony or a bold party, colors can assist to achieve this goal.

As a beginner, finding a suitable wedding venue can be challenging. You’ll have to choose colors that represent your personality. And, ensure they make your event memorable. So, you’ll need a lot of effort and creativity.

If you have colors in mind but you are still in dilemma, don’t worry.

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Here is a quick beginners’ tips you can use to pick your wedding colors:


Consider The Seasons.

Select your colors according to the time of the year.  There are ideal colors such as white and black that can fit in any time of the year. Still, there are definitely other colors reserved for specific seasons.

If you’re planning for a spring wedding, consider brighter palettes such as rosy pink. For a fall wedding, select colors with vibrant tones like gold, yellow and green.  If you want to hold a winter ceremony, you can go for darker tones such as purple and orange.

Besides, you don’t have to limit yourself. You can include more colors of your choice as long as they match with the venue. Thus, the time of the year acts as a guide for choosing the best wedding colors.


Find A Mood.

Think about the kind of atmosphere you expect to have in the wedding. Are you looking for a dramatic, intimate or calm ceremony? For this reason, find colors which will put your guests in the right mindset.

For example, if you want a dramatic event, use darker palettes such as gold, red or black. Avoid light hues as much as possible. Besides, if you prefer a calm wedding, you can incorporate softer colors. They create a romantic feeling at a wedding.

Furthermore, you can inquire from family and friends on the kind of mood they’d prefer. With that in mind, you’ll find the best colors to put into it.


Check The Venue:  Consider the wedding location before settling on any palettes. For an outdoor wedding, find out whether the venue has its colors already. If it is an open place such as a beach, think of vibrant colors which will match with the sea waters or the sand. Bright colors assist in highlighting the venue appearance.

Besides, don’t forget to check out the carpentry, draperies and the walls. For instance, if your reception will be at the cultural hall, know the walls and floors have a neutral tone. So, you’ll have many color options to choose from. Additionally, if the venue has some colors, you can use the hues to decorate your cards and napkins.

Also, confirm whether the venue is bound to do any decorations. This way you’ll be certain to pick colors that suit your style.

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Do Research.

Search for wedding websites anytime you discover you have a color shortage. You can search for wedding websites, and pick extra colors from there. If you don’t know how to combine the hues, you copy from other wedding decorations. This way, you’ll be able to find a perfect combo to use in your ceremony.

Also, try and get ideas from your home decor, and wardrobe. Go for family vacation packages to get more ideas and exciting combinations. You can get inspiration from sources such as magazines, art galleries or movies. You’ll realize there more wedding colors you don’t know about.


Besides, you can visit physical places such as the markets or an art museum to find colors you’re attracted to.

Have a specific color theme: Be sure to select colors that flatter not only but also your bridesmaids. Keep in mind, the colors should complement the hair and skin tone. In every decision that you make, ensure your bridesmaids give their thoughts.

First, consult with your bridesmaids about the colors they love. Then, find a shade that matches with their skin. You don’t want to end up with gloomy bridesmaids. Do you?


Avoid Overthinking: Don’t stress yourself to get the colors right. It’s okay to be in a dilemma when choosing wedding colors. But, you don’t have to panic. As a beginner, sometimes family and friends will talk you into picking the “right” hues. Yet, be sure to have yours stand on what’s suitable for you.

Also, learn to be flexible. For example, if green is your best color, don’t expect it to be among the palette. Many venues have different colors, and in most cases, your favorite hue might not be a good match. So be open to changes.

Additionally, a wedding doesn’t have to be perfect. So, there are no specific rules that you’re required to follow.  To reduce your stress, you can select a few but suitable colors, and combine them in your wedding theme.

Selecting wedding colors is not a heavy task. All you need to do is add creativity in your work. Also, pick colors according to the wedding season, do some research, create a mood, and check on the venue. Besides, don’t pressure yourself too much. Only work with what you have.


I hope that was helpful! And as always, please let me know if you have any questions at all. I am here to help in any way I can.