Ultimate Guide for Finding the Best Northern Lights Wedding Packages in Alaska!

northern lights in alaska

Welcome, lovebirds, to the ultimate guide for finding the best Northern Lights wedding packages in Alaska! Picture this: the enchanting glow of the Aurora Borealis dancing across the night sky as you exchange vows with your soulmate amidst the wilderness. It’s the stuff of fairytales, and Alaska offers the perfect setting to turn that dream into reality.

The Last Frontier, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and mystical Northern Lights displays, is a top-notch destination for couples seeking a truly unique and unforgettable wedding experience. But with so many options and offers available, how do you choose the perfect package to suit your desires and budget? Fear not, for we’re here to be your guiding light through this magical journey!



What to Consider Before Starting Your Search for Alaskan Northern Lights Wedding Packages

Before diving into the captivating world of Northern Lights wedding packages, it’s essential to consider a few crucial factors. Take a moment to reflect on the following points:


Season and Timing:

The Northern Lights are most visible during the winter months, from September to April. Decide if you prefer a winter wonderland wedding or the milder temperatures of early fall or late spring. Check out this incredibly helpful guide for Alaskan northern lights viewing by the website.


Guest Count and Intimacy:

Determine whether you want an intimate elopement with just the two of you or a larger gathering with close friends and family. A more intimate number of guests and your options grow larger.



Establish a clear budget to guide your choices. Northern Lights wedding packages can vary widely in price, so knowing your financial boundaries will help narrow down the options as well.


Location and Accommodation:

Research the different regions in Alaska offering Northern Lights wedding packages, and consider the accessibility and proximity to accommodations for you and your guests.

Now that you’ve set the foundation, let’s delve into the exciting world of finding the perfect wedding package in the Land of the Midnight Sun!



northern lights in alaska

Photo Credit: Unsplash. Book me for your own northern lights experience and we will capture our own. 🙂


The Hunt for the Perfect Northern Lights Package!

Local Wedding Planners: Your Fairy Godmothers of Alaska!

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, especially one as extraordinary as under the Northern Lights, local wedding planners are your go-to experts! These seasoned professionals have an intricate knowledge of Alaska’s landscapes and venues and can curate a package tailored to your desires. They handle all the logistics, ensuring you can focus solely on cherishing every moment of your special day.


All-Inclusive vs. À La Carte: Making the Right Choice

The first fork in the road on your quest for the ideal Northern Lights wedding package is choosing between all-inclusive and à la carte options. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • All-Inclusive:
    • Ideal for couples seeking convenience and simplicity.
    • These packages bundle multiple services, such as venue, catering, photography, and transportation, into one package. That said, beware of the quality of the “preferred vendors” or the “forced into” vendors of packages. You may not get the best quality.
    • Less decision-making and coordination on your part.
  • À La Carte:
    • Perfect for those who want more control and flexibility. You get exactly who you want.
    • You can customize every aspect of your wedding, picking and choosing individual services according to your preferences.
    • Takes more time to put together and could add some stress, but just do your proper research and get the assistance of an adventurous wedding planner on your side to help with the details. That’s their job as your planner. Just tell them what you are searching for – and the right planner (a talented one) will make it happen exactly the way you have envisioned – and maybe even better than you have envisioned.

Venue Vibes: Where Dreams Come True!

Alaska boasts an array of enchanting venues for your Northern Lights wedding. From rustic lodges nestled amidst snow-capped peaks to cozy cabins with panoramic views of the dancing lights, the options are endless!

  • Aurora Domes:
    • Experience an intimate and exclusive wedding under the stars in glass-domed cabins. Witness the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own private haven! Have you heard of Borealis Basecamp before? Epic.
  • Mountain Resorts:
  • Wilderness Lodges:
    • Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace with a secluded wilderness lodge. Enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the great outdoors. As only one example, just check out Talkeetna to see what options do exist out there. Obviously, there are many more options out there that you are able to pick from as well.


Photographers: Capturing the Magic of Your Love Story

Your Northern Lights wedding deserves to be captured in all its splendor, and choosing the right photographer is key! Look for photographers experienced in capturing the Aurora Borealis to ensure your memories are immortalized beautifully.

Personally speaking, I have captured the northern lights around the world – but primarily in Iceland and Norway. I did attempt to catch them in Alaska, but was met with cloud cover. I would absolutely love to be there for you and your magical Alaskan experience. (If you haven’t seen the northern lights before, it truly feels like you are watching magic.)



The Magic of Northern Lights Tours

As you plan your magical day, consider incorporating a Northern Lights tour into your package. These tours take you on a mesmerizing journey to witness the celestial display in some of the best viewing locations in Alaska. It’s the ultimate romantic adventure!

Check out this article from talking about tour availability.



Photo Credit: Unsplash. Book me for your own northern lights experience and we will capture our own. 🙂


FAQs – Addressing Your Curiosities About Getting Married in Alaska Under the Northern Lights

Q: Are Northern Lights wedding packages more expensive than traditional weddings?

A: The cost of Northern Lights wedding packages can vary, but they tend to be pricier due to the unique experiences they offer. However, with proper planning and budgeting, you can find options that align with your financial expectations.


Q: Can I have a summer wedding and still see the Northern Lights?

A: The Northern Lights are visible during the dark winter months when the nights are longest. To witness this celestial spectacle, consider planning your wedding between September and April.


Q: How do I ensure my guests have a memorable experience during the wedding?

A: To guarantee a memorable experience for your guests, choose a venue that offers various activities, such as dog sledding, ice fishing, or hot spring visits, in addition to the Northern Lights display.


Q: Is it possible to combine a traditional wedding with a Northern Lights experience?

A: Absolutely! Many couples opt for a destination wedding in Alaska and incorporate elements of both traditional ceremonies and Northern Lights experiences into their celebration. And why not even toss in a helicopter tour as well?



Conclusion To Your Northern Lights Wedding Quest

Congratulations on embarking on this thrilling journey to find the best Northern Lights wedding package in Alaska! From considering the timing and guest count to choosing between all-inclusive and à la carte options, you are well-prepared to make the most informed decision.

Remember, wedding planners are your true allies, helping you curate your dream wedding while local photographers capture every magical moment. With the Aurora Borealis painting the sky, your love story is bound to be etched in the hearts of all who witness it.

Now, go forth, follow your hearts, and bask in the luminous embrace of the Northern Lights as you start the next chapter of your lives together! Happy wedding planning!

So there you have it! An ultimate guide to finding the best Northern Lights wedding packages in Alaska, tailored just for you lovebirds! May your wedding day be filled with the magic and wonder of the Aurora Borealis, making it an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Happy planning and best wishes for your extraordinary journey into the Northern Lights!


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