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Essential Elements That Make Your Wedding Possible

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A wedding can be one of the most exciting, happy, joyous, and loving events that you get to experience in your lifetime. Sharing the bond with your beloved with all of your friends, family, and closet acquaintances can be a memory that lasts for a lifetime. But your wedding can only be as good as your planning, and good planning requires a lot of forethought. There are a lot of necessities for a wedding to go off without a hitch. Here are three essential elements that make your wedding possible and can make or break the perfect wedding.

A Marriage License

The first essential element that makes your wedding possible is getting your marriage license. While you may not consider yourself officially married until you say “I do” at your ceremony, in the eyes of the government, you are married once you have signed your official marriage license. Many couples actually forget this step completely and end up not legally married until months after their ceremony. To clear up this confusion, it is best to start working on your paperwork early and working with the courts to get your documents ready to sign so you can be legally married as soon as your ceremony.

Someone to Conduct the Ceremony

Another essential element that makes your wedding possible is someone to conduct the ceremony. While you likely won’t forget about this aspect, you should carefully evaluate who you want to officiate your wedding, as you need certain qualifications to legally conduct a marriage. Most religious ministers are qualified to officiate a wedding. If you would rather have a friend or family member officiate, make sure they get certified first to ensure that everything is legal. The person who conducts your wedding ceremony will control the tone of the ceremony, so choose wisely.

A Wedding Photographer

And the final essential element that will make your wedding possible is a wedding photographer. While you can still have a wedding without a photographer, if you want to capture every moment with beautiful photography to remember forever, then a wedding photographer is simply a must. Make sure you check out any potential photographers’ portfolios before hiring, so you can get a feel for their style and if it matches with yours. Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit and make sure you get a photographer that you are happy with. You only get one shot at the wedding day.

Your wedding can be one of the greatest days of your life. That is, if you have planned accordingly so it doesn’t become the most stressful day of your life. Make sure that you have thought through these three wedding essentials so that your special day is issue free.

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