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Microblading Before Your Wedding: The Pros and Cons

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Microblading Before Your Wedding: The Pros and Cons


Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones of your life. This is the day where you declare to the world that you finally found your life partner and both of you are now ready to take your relationship to the next level. And because your wedding day is your “big day,” you should look your best on the day. You should wear a wedding gown that’s perfect for your body type, hair and make-up provided by professionals. No expense is spared just to guarantee that you’ll be the most beautiful bride once you enter the room! And if you want to achieve that effortless yet elegant look on your wedding day, you should consider microblading. This is a beauty procedure which can be availed from most salons and has been preferred by many people as their solution to common eyebrow problems.


In its simplest sense, microblading is a beauty procedure which requires microblading artists to tattoo small hair strokes with the intention of mimicking your eyebrows. Microblading involves a microblading blade dipped in ink which complements the color of your eyebrows. Since it involved ink being tattooed on your eyebrows, its effects can be seen years after the procedure. Microblading is a long-term commitment which you should carefully think about before paying for one. To help you decide if whether or not microblading should be added to your wedding essentials, keep in mind its pros and cons:


Pros: Microblading can provide natural-looking eyebrows

Yes, microblading isn’t the only beauty procedure out there which can change how your eyebrows look. There’s eyebrow micro pigmentation which can be done as a permanent or semi-permanent make-up. But eyebrow micro pigmentation tends to result in a very structured eyebrow since it tattoos all of your eyebrows. Microblading only tattoos strands of hair on your eyebrows which means that you can have natural-looking eyebrows after the session.


Cons: Microblading can cause infection

This is obviously one of the dangers of microblading. Since a blade will be used to cut into your skin (about 100 cuts per eyebrow), you’ll be susceptible to infection if the artist isn’t trained or inexperienced. Infections can also happen if the artist would use unsanitary tools during your session. If you’re convinced to undergo microblading, make sure you’re only working with a trained professional. Ask from friends and family if they have recommendations too.


Pros: Microblading saves you from requiring to hop to another bandwagon

The results of your microblading session can last for about 3-5 years. During this time, you won’t have to be stressed or pressured to follow every eyebrow trend because your eyebrows were professionally made. You don’t have any compelling reason to change how your eyebrows look for a long period!


Cons: Microblading can’t guarantee satisfied customers

Undergoing any beauty procedure is always a risk – you’ll never know what you’ll look like after the procedure! This can also happen with microblading. An artist might get the job done without causing any infections, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll love how your eyebrows will look afterward. Microblading is a risk so weigh different factors first.


Pros: Microblading corrects eyebrow problems

Some people are naturally born with minimal eyebrows while some doesn’t have any due to certain health conditions. Having this kind of eyebrows can affect many people in a lot of ways. Microblading can help with this kind of problem. Microblading can correct sparse and uneven eyebrows without losing any hair during the process. This natural procedure can become the reason why more and more people can gain confidence through their eyebrows again!


Cons: Microblading can cause pain and distress

Microblading means cutting into your skin. It might not be as painful as getting a regular tattoo but during the microblading procedure, expect that you’ll feel pain and distress. While these sensations can be minimized once you use numbing creams, keep in mind that this cream doesn’t work well for everyone. Every customer is unique; how one reacts to the cream might be different from the other.


Pros: Microblading can save you time and money

When you undergo microblading, you’ll never have to spend another minute filling in your eyebrows before going out. You can also save money in the long run because you don’t have to buy any eyebrow products again. You can enjoy your professionally-made eyebrows for years without pouring any time or effort!


Cons: Microblading can be offered by anyone

If you search on the internet, there are many salons and even individuals who offer microblading services. While most of these services are cheap, not all of them are trained to perform microblading. Most of them didn’t even undergo health and safety procedures mandated by the state. Steer away from these businesses. Always entrust your eyebrows to trained and experienced artists.


Pros: Microblading is a quick procedure

The entire process of microblading might seem complicated, but actually, it’s not. Usually, microblading sessions will only last for about an hour (depending on your needs, eyebrow volume and pain tolerance) with touch-ups after a month. You can immediately see how your eyebrows changed the moment your first session is finished.


Cons: Microblading requires aftercare

After your microblading session, you’ll be required to take care of your eyebrows just like tattooed skin. You should not apply any makeup on the eyebrows, or anywhere near it, you should avoid getting the area wet (making it very tricky to wash your face or take a bath), and you should apply moisturizer several times in a day. This can require an adjustment in your daily routines.


Pros: Microblading eventually fades

Microblading will only last for 3 to 5 years. It isn’t a permanent tattoo which will last forever. While this might be considered as a disadvantage to some (because you’ll have to undergo and pay for the session again), this can also become an advantage. You’ll have the chance to have your eyebrows thinner or thicker than your first microblading session. You’ll know what to improve because you already saw how you looked during your first microblading experience.


Cons: Microblading can be itchy

Microblading means you’ll have scars on your eyebrows. And just like any other scar on your body, the healing process will be very itchy especially for the first 24 hours after the procedure. If you don’t want to risk how your eyebrows look, your willpower and self-control should be strong. You should make sure that you won’t scratch your eyebrows during this time.


Carefully Decide   

There’s nothing really wrong if you want to try out every beauty procedure that’s present in the market today. If you think it’ll be helpful for you and some of your friends vouched for its benefits, go ahead and try it. However, when this beauty procedure already involves how you look on your wedding day, you should think twice as hard. Any beauty procedure done for the first time, like microblading, can be very risky and can adversely affect your overall appearance on your wedding day. Don’t make rash decisions just because everyone else is choosing microblading. Weigh its pros and cons first. Every beauty procedure should help you look your best on your wedding day, not the complete opposite.


Microblading tips for your wedding by Hayley Williams

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