Minimally Invasive Beauty Treatments That Can Boost Your Confidence Ahead of Your Boudoir Shoot

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Every woman deserves to feel confident before a boudoir shoot. It is often the confidence emanating from the woman that makes her experience more empowering and the result more beautiful. With these minimally invasive beauty treatments, you will feel so much more powerful, poised, and sexy for your boudoir shoot.


Since women tend to store more body fat, there is a chance that you may be experiencing fat bulges around your body—more specifically under your chin, under your buttocks, and around your stomach, back, and arms. And since most women choose to wear very little clothing during a boudoir shoot, your skin should appear the way you want it. If you’re self-conscious about this fat and want to get rid of it, CoolSculpting could be a good option for you. CoolSculpting works to eliminate extra body fat by freezing it during a non-surgical procedure. You will want to get a CoolSculpting procedure done well in advance of your photoshoot since it tends to take one to two months for results to show.

Varicose Vein Treatments

Many women, especially older women, experience varicose or spider veins—more specifically around their legs. Varicose veins are swollen, dark veins that often appeared gnarled and enlarged. While varicose veins can be painful or indicate deeper health problems, they are more often than not mere cosmetic concerns. Improve the quality and luster of your skin by asking your doctor about varicose vein treatments.

There are multiple minimally invasive treatment options for dealing with varicose veins. Some of these treatments include, but are not limited to, laser treatment and sclerotherapy (injections). Depending on which vein treatment you get, it may take several weeks before you see results. So plan for a bit of downtime to heal before your boudoir shoot.


Every woman wants her skin to look flawless during her boudoir shoot—especially since so much of it will be exposed. Unfortunately, the upsets and aging of life take a toll on the body, resulting in sunspots, acne scars, wrinkles, or facial lines. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of non-invasive procedures that can help minimize, or even remove, these blemishes from your skin. One of these procedures is microdermabrasion.


Microdermabrasion utilizes an abrasive tool that scrapes off dead skin and polishes it to perfection—similar to a sander on wood, just far more gentle. Recognize that you may need multiple treatments before certain blemishes are removed, and be sure to schedule your microdermabrasion session two to four weeks before your boudoir shoot for best results.


Body hair is great—but you might not want it for your boudoir shoot. So, before you schedule your shoot, you might want to get a waxing treatment to remove dark and unruly hair. While most women focus on their legs, armpits, and bikini line, you may want to wax other areas of your body—like your back, arms, and upper lip—if you have hair that is especially dark and thick. Hair removal by way of waxing tends to last longer and is usually more effective than shaving. Just make sure that you schedule your waxing treatment two to three days before your boudoir shoot for best results—especially if your skin is new to waxing.   

DIY Treatments

Not all treatments have to be done by a professional at a clinic or spa. Many DIY, non-invasive skin treatments can just as effectively boost your confidence and improve your bodily aesthetic. To help make your face appear brighter and clearer, try a homemade banana and oatmeal or avocado mask. Then, use an exfoliating tool or scrub to get rid of dry, damaged skin. Finish with a toner and acne reducing facial lotion for a confident glow. And—voila!—improved skin on a budget!

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are great for wrinkle-reduction and treating skin discoloration. Consult with your local spa to schedule a professional chemical peel, or purchase one from a drug or beauty store to do at home. While most are fairly non-invasive and can have your skin looking fabulous in minutes, some chemical peel procedures are more intense, perfect for major skin concerns. If you are looking for more dramatic results and end up scheduling a deeper chemical peel, make sure that you do so two weeks before your boudoir shoot, as swelling and redness are normal.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is another non-invasive treatment that can get your pearly whites looking brighter and whiter for your boudoir shoot. Since your smile should be the focus of your photoshoot, you might consider whitening your teeth for an improved look and increased confidence. While there are plenty of at-home options for teething whiteners, the best options are usually at your local dentist’s office. Make sure that you schedule your procedure several days before your boudoir shoot since it is normal for whitened teeth to feel sensitive.

Demanding the camera with your beautiful body requires confidence. While confidence naturally comes from a positive body image and self-reassurance, it can also be improved through non-invasive beauty procedures. Just make sure that you schedule these procedures well in advance for the best, beauty results.  

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