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Must-Have Aesthetics You Need for Your Backyard Wedding

Port Gamble wedding photos on the waterfront by Luma Weddings

A backyard wedding is often the best option for soon-to-be-wed couples that are seeking a more intimate and cost-effective alternative to traditional church/venue weddings. Although it may you cost you less, the work that goes into making it picture-perfect can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, keep reading to learn about the top three aesthetics that you will definitely need for your backyard wedding.

Water Elements

The last thing you want to see in your wedding photos are your neighbor’s backyard junk or crumbling fence. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you frame your backyard with beautiful features such as ponds, fountains and even LED waterfalls to enhance the overall background of your wedding. According to Serenity Health & Home Decor, garden water fountains can be great backdrops for wedding pictures. These water elements can be utilized for not only the photography area, but also for providing your wedding with that extra touch of peacefulness and tranquility.


A Green Lawn

An often-overlooked area of a backyard wedding is the grass itself. Remember, no matter how many beautiful decorations you put up, a bad lawn will always be the center of attention. Couples who are planning to have a backyard wedding should not only pick a month when the grass is sustainable, but they should also invest in weekly lawn maintenance, at least till the big day. Not too keen on having to maintain your lawn? No problem. You have options. According to Celebrity Greens, synthetic grass lawns can look remarkably like the real deal with the benefit of saving you time on yard work since you won’t have to water or weed it. Plus, it will look great come wedding time. Your beautiful yard will look great in photos and will make your wedding unforgettable.



Lighting will undoubtedly be a large part of your wedding day, evening and night. Unlike a typical venue, drastic changes in light will be apparent once the sun begins to set. One of the best ways to be proactive is to have a plan for each part of your evening. For example, twilight is the time when you will begin to have shadow issues. This can be combated by simply decorating your trees with white or gold lights. Once the sun has completely set, then you can begin incorporating artificial lights within areas of large assembly, such as the dance floor.

Backyard weddings are the perfect way to keep your special date intimate and affordable. Hopefully, these few suggestions have allowed you to begin to think critically about your special day and the essentials you will need to make it look amazing.

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Checkerboard dance floor at this waterfront backyard wedding in Port Gamble, WA Private waterfront backyard wedding in Port Gamble, WA


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