How To Select The Best Wedding Veil For Your Wedding

Photo of bride & groom under wedding veil by Seattle wedding photographer Luma Weddings

Every bride desire to look her best on her big day. And one way to ensure that is to purchase the right veil that accentuates her beauty, giving her an air of mystery.

Hence, it is safe to say that a beautiful bride is not complete without her wedding veil, which is why several brides make use of a veil. Although, it is possible to leave it out when purchasing your outfit.

Consequently, if you have decided to purchase a veil, bear in mind that just like the wedding dress, selecting the right one is tedious. This is due to the numerous designs of wedding veils in the market available to buy. So how do you know which is the best wedding veil for you?

In this post, we would be answering that question. To do this, we would be looking at factors to look at when selecting a veil for your wedding.


Features To Consider When Buying A Wedding Veil

Wedding veils come in different styles, widths, lengths, and embellishments, hence the overwhelming feelings about buying one. Therefore, to help you make the right choice for your happy day, there are few key points to consider. They include your dress, hairstyle, budget, and wedding venue.


Tip One: Your Choice of Wedding Dress

Before you buy a veil, it is vital you first settle on the wedding dress you are wearing. This way, you can easily get a wedding veil that matches your dress. Therefore, after purchasing your wedding gown, you should take note of its shape and style. You will need a wedding veil that is proportional to the dress and accentuates it properly. So, whatever you do, your choice should not overshadow your dress.


Picking The Right Veil Based On Your Wedding Dress

  1. Simple Wedding Dress

If you have decided on a simple wedding dress, you need to balance it with a stunning wedding veil. You can pick a veil with angel-cut trimmings made of organza, satin, or horsehair. This is a perfect choice that will frame your face beautifully, giving you a dramatic feel or look. You can also settle on a veil made of lace and flowery embellishments.

  1. Well Embellished Wedding Dress

Is your dress elaborate and heavily beaded? If yes, you can get a simple cathedral wedding veil with crystals that twinkle while you walk down the aisle. You can also get a wedding veil, one that is simple with no embellishments or with matching beadwork running along its edges.

  1. Wedding Dress With A Stunning Back

If your dress has a statement back, then there is a veil for you also. The length of your dress should match and highlight the beauty of the gown, giving it a dramatic look. A sheer or ornate illusion lace would be a great choice. You could also settle on a cathedral veil with no accents embedded in it. And please avoid a wedding veil with several fabric layers.

Note that as a general rule, if you buy a busy dress with lots of details and embellishments, then you need a simple veil that has a raw edge. However, for a simple gown, pick out a wedding veil with lots of details and embellishments or flowers to balance your overall look.

Also, note where your veil falls; purchase the one that falls slightly above a horizontal line or below it. Avoid wedding veils that fall off a focal point, as it would appear like you are divided in half.



Tip 2: Your Hairstyle

It is also vital that you consider the hairstyle you plan on wearing at your wedding. This would make a difference as it would determine how you place the veil and where it falls after you wear it. If possible, take the wedding veil to see your hairdresser and let them try different looks that would be suitable.

As a general rule, you would need a base to support the veil on your hair. This could be a messy updo, bridal bun, or any other style. However, note that the length or weight of your veil will determine how supportive your hairstyle should be.

You can convince your chief bridesmaid to accompany you. This way, she gets to know how to attach and remove it before the reception starts. This leaves your style intact for the reception.



Tip 3: Your Budget

A significant requirement for selecting your wedding veil is your budget. What is the price tag you plan on spending? Whatever budget you have, there is a perfect veil for you. You can get a wedding veil starting from $250-$300; you can also get one as high as $3,000 or more. So first, decide how much you are willing to spend to enable you to narrow down your options.



Tip 4: Your Wedding Venue

Your veil has to be consistent with your wedding venue, matching its formality. Church weddings would require a veil that either has a blusher or not. While for a beachside wedding or a garden ceremony, you can settle for a chapel veil or formal one.



Picking the best wedding veils for your special day is a task that can get confusing and tedious when you don’t have help. It is for this reason we have written this article for you.

With the tips highlighted here, selecting a veil becomes easy as you keep in mind your dress, hairstyle, budget, and venue. Let us know in the comment box how these tips have helped make you the most beautiful bride on your special day.