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Of course, any list of "Best Snohomish wedding venues" is going to be 100% subjective to personal tastes. No matter the distance, no matter the time of year, no matter the size, I want to be your wedding photographer. Let's chat.

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From rustic Snohomish weddings to super elegant & modern, it's just a matter of how you design your day

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ver my career as a Snohomish wedding photographer, I've come to know quite a few of the best Snohomish wedding venues, and I have also had tons of experience with every other aspect of working real Snohomish weddings. So, below - you'll find real Snohomish wedding photos as well as some common FAQ's to help you plan your special day.


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o, you're planning a Snohomish wedding and you're (hopefully) on the search for a kick-butt Snohomish wedding photographer! And you know what... you're absolutely in the right place.

I'm Kyle!


- Kyle Goldie

Personally, I have been a wedding photographer for now over 12 years (I promise I'm not 93 years old), and I have worked countless Snohomish wedding venues over the years. In fact, the majority of the wedding venues in the area are within 15 minutes from where I live. Yep! I live right down the street! So, you can be 100% confident that I know the area incredibly well and everything it has to offer for you and your wedding day.

You can learn more about me on my official "About" page, but for now, have a look around, check out portfolio, scroll down to learn more about the FAQs I get all the time about Snohomish weddings... and simply, let's get to know each other. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Q: Should I book my wedding photographer first and then my venue? Or the venue first?

A: Snohomish venues are super popular, so as soon as you know your wedding date that you want - book it! Don't wait at all. Lock it in! From there, you will know your wedding date. And when you approach the venue of your dreams, it's even a good idea to have a backup date in mind. After all, if that Saturday you want to book is already taken, booking that venue on a Friday or Sunday can not only be available, but it might be available for a lower rate as well! Each owner/manager operates differently, so make sure to get in touch with them directly and ask your questions early.

There's never a time "too early" to lock in the venue and the vendors who you really want to ensure are there for you on your wedding day. Same goes for your Snohomish wedding photographer - me. I've had many couples even book with me prior to their wedding to ensure they have their date reserved on my calendar, and then they find a wedding venue that fits that date.

Q: Which wedding venues in Snohomish do you personally recommend?

A: Personally, I love many of the wedding venues in Snohomish! Many are rustic, industrial, spacious, peaceful, secluded, yet modern at the same time. Many offer easy parking, beautiful backdrops for portraits, and they give you the peace that you're looking for on such a special day. Because let's be real - nobody really wants to deal with the hassle of getting married in downtown Seattle. I know I didn't when I got married back in 2016. I created a curated list of my personal favorite Snohomish venues, too. So, be sure to check that out.

Common FAQ's I Get As A Snohomish Wedding Photographer

 Decision We Made. 

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Timeless, Beautiful, and So Much Fun."

Where Should We Take Our Wedding Photos?

A: At your venue! Heading off-site for your Snohomish wedding is not recommended, so book a wedding venue that makes for amazing photos! To be quite frank, Snohomish doesn't offer many areas off-site that cater to high-end portraits... but the venues themselves do. So, stay there! Haha. 

On my blog, you will see a bunch of different wedding photos that I have taken around Snohomish, but the easiest thing is honestly just by reaching out to me personally and having an open chat. After all, everybody's desired aesthetic is a little bit different, and even the time of year that you are planning on getting married is going to make a difference in my opinion regarding recommendations for Snohomish wedding venues.

Winter & Spring, plan for rain. So, that automatically eliminates a few venues if you don't want to be soaked since some venues are totally outdoors with just a tent. That said, I have photographed plenty of rain weddings over the years for outdoor weddings - and they're still gorgeous because of the decor, the mood thats set because of the design, and the energy of the guests.

Summer & Fall, you honestly can't really go wrong. Everything is so gorgeous this time of year. Just don't discount having a wedding in the "off season" because you can still have an incredible wedding day - and probably save a bit of money along the way. Money that you can put towards your honeymoon and traveling around the world. (My wife and I did that to get the best of both worlds).

That said, a look through some of the venues listed on this page and some of the FAQs that I get as a Snohomish wedding photographer. They're Snohomish wedding venues that you'll find on my featured page link directly to individual blog posts so you can learn more about each and my honest insights about them. And as always, let me know your questions. I can definitely help you.

From our Couples


"We Are Blown Away. Every Single Photo is Absolutely

Where Should We Get Ready for Our Wedding in Snohomish?

A: It really depends on which Snohomish wedding venue that you book because many venues offer dedicated getting-ready areas. If it's possible, I'd highly recommend that you get ready on-site. Simply put, having a dedicated (and separate) getting-ready areas for both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids makes for a much more peaceful day. With that available, you won't have to rush around from one place to the next, and you simply are just more present with your wedding and your guests.

That said, if your venue doesn't have a place for you to get ready thats big enough or beautiful enough for what you're wanting, I'd recommend getting a gorgeous Air B&B somewhere with big windows and tons of natural light. Natural light is your best friend when it comes to creating those soft, airy, romantic photographs that you've always dreamed of and that you want to hang on your wall forever.

As a Snohomish wedding photographer who's worked many weddings around Snohomish, I highly recommend you book a venue where you can get ready there. So, scout around, have a look through my personal favorite Snohomish wedding venues, and shoot me a message with all your questions. 

Quick idea: What if you booked a cool river or lakeside cabin within an hour drive of your venue in Snohomish, got ready there, had your pre-ceremony portraits and first look photos at that location, then drove to to the venue to get married? Could be pretty amazing, depending on the location and the rental you find.

From our Couples


"The Pictures Are

And They Feel Like They Are Straight Out of A Magazine!"

How Many Hours of Wedding Coverage Do We Need?

A: It totally depends on your big day details, but most couples are totally happy with 6-8 hours. In my personal opinion, nobody ever really needs 9-10 hours. You just want the STORY of your wedding day told. And you can do that within that timeframe. And if you are having an intimate wedding with fewer guests, you might even be able to do 4-5 hours.

The biggest decision is really all about how much reception that you want covered by your Snohomish wedding photographer. Are you planning on doing a special send-off at the end of the night? If so, you might want that 10 hour coverage -- if you don't want to do a fake send-off when your photographer is scheduled to leave. There's a few variables here. For now, the most important thing is locking in your Snohomish wedding photographer by locking them in before they get booked up. You can always add on time after everything is made official, too. So, at the very minimum, I highly recommend you start with at least 8 hours. And personally speaking, that's what roughly 90% of couples who book me stick with.

Just get in touch ASAP since couples book me (usually) quite far in advance.

From our Snohomish wedding Couples

"I Got The Pictures That I




How Long Have You Been a Wedding Photographer in Snohomish?

A: Over 12 years now! Man, I feel old just saying that... but you know what? It's been so amazing. And the vibe of Snohomish weddings is traditionally super laid back, so it really has been loads of fun. Just reach out to me using the contact form on my website and let's chat about all your gorgeous wedding day details. Use me as your resource and guide. I'd love to be there for you. And I know it's going to be awesome.

Snohomish wedding venues

My Favorite Snohomish Wedding Venues


"hands down - the best thing we did for our wedding. Because of Kyle, we are able to relive the most special day of our lives."

Morgan & Jeff

Private Estate
Poulsbo, WA

Kyle is worth his weight in gold! In the day and age of countless apps and filters it’s hard to find a wedding photographer in Seattle who is truly talented and professional. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent sifting through different profiles and pictures trying to find someone who’s work caught my eye, until I came across Kyle. His work is timeless and beautiful and you can tell that this is his passion. This guy really knows what he’s doing with his 10+ years of experience. From our very first email until the last moments of our wedding he was nothing but kind and helpful. He answered every question every step of the way and was the calm in the chaos on the big day. Our pictures are absolutely STUNNING! He made it look like our wedding belongs in a magazine. His photography is amazing, but he was also able to capture the quiet little moments I may have otherwise forgotten about.

"Kyle does a wonderful job of making the camera disappear - you just live in the moment."

Courtney & Dylan

The day was absolutely incredible, When we returned from our adventure with Kyle, we were not the same people as when we had left. Kyle does a wonderful job of making the camera disappear - you just live in the moment.

We are proud to call Kyle our photographer. For anyone looking to make a lasting moment of your special day, book Luma Weddings for your photography.

White Ave
Anna Maria Island, FL

"Kyle did a great job in keeping our energy up and was able to capture our personalities."

Very professional and prompt through the entire communication process. This was especially important since we planned a destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico at the Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa. They were our best professional vendor. Hire them immediately for your photography.

We felt so comfortable in front of the camera - Kyle did a great job in keeping our energy up and was able to capture our personalities and some truly romantic moments! When looking for the best photographers - look no further.

Dreams REsort & Spa
Tulum, Mexico

Ava & Patryk

"He truly knows how to capture your personal style and event style in the photographs."

Dana & Jim

Kyle does such an excellent job capturing every moment!

He truly knows how to capture your personal style and event style in the photographs. I highly recommend him & Haley! They are such an amazing husband & wife team. We absolutely loved our wedding photos at the Vizcaya Museum in Miami! Get them all the awards!

Vizcaya Museum
Miami, FL

"If you're looking to book a destination wedding photographer, look no further."

Kyle did such an amazing job with our engagement and wedding photos. We had a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico at Moon Palace Nizuc, and Kyle knew exactly what to do with the harsh sunlight, hot weather, and extreme humidity, not to mention how to avoid all the tourists in the backgrounds. 

If you're looking to book a destination wedding photographer, look no further, Kyle is your person, he's super easy to work with and he can give you lots of great suggestions! Professional wedding photography - check!

Moon Palace Nizuc
Cancun, Mexico

Chen-Hsi & Joe

"It's hard to pick just one photo when every single one is so gorgeous. Hire him as your Seattle Wedding Photographer Immediately."

Kyle did an exceptional job photographing our engagement. We did the Epic package and it truly lived up to its name. He photographed us in an intimate and genuine way. His down to earth nature & warm personality made for a fun and comfortable day at many locations. Kyle's Seattle wedding photography perfectly encompassed our love and the awe-inspiring vista of the lake. Kyle personalized the experience for us, and made it a truly memorable experience. After the shoot, Kyle delivered authentic, perfectly color corrected images that were a true representation of our engagement.  This was truly a magical and worthwhile investment that we will cherish forever. We highly recommend Kyle for being so prompt, professional, and just an awesome person. You will not be disappointed.

Ross Lake
North Cascades, WA

Emily & Justin

"Kyle Goldie is an excellent [Seattle wedding photographer]... The pictures are unbelievable - and feel like they're straight out of a magazine!"

Kyle Goldie is an excellent [Seattle wedding photographer] and very professional. He truly captured the best moments of the JM Cellars wedding we had in a magical way.

The pictures of our wedding day are unbelievable - and feel like they're straight out of a magazine!

JM Cellars
Woodinville, WA

Aurelia & Alejandro

"Their personable yet professional approach helped us feel comfortable & confident throughout the process."

We have nothing but great things to say about Luma Weddings. Besides the fact that our photos turned out AMAZING (and now grace nearly every wall in our house) our experience working with Kyle and Haley was fantastic.

The day of our wedding Kyle and Haley were a blast to have around. They made the entire wedding party feel so comfortable and they knew how to handle the rain like a pro. Haley even helped sew my dress when it broke during the reception - she was awesome! We have had multiple friends and future brides book through Luma Weddings after hearing about our experience and seeing how our photos turned out. They are on the rise though so I'd suggest booking ASAP!

Snohomish, WA

Emily & Ryan

"He really was a perfect combination.... Kyle was well researched, fast, efficient, and a direct but kind creative director."

Every guest commented after our wedding - “How did you come across such an amazing photographer? He really was a perfect combination.” Kyle was well researched, fast, efficient, and a direct but kind creative director. We really lucked out that he and his wife Haley were available to photograph and day-of direct our wedding. I couldn’t be happier with his leadership in keeping us on time, organized, and I’m extra grateful for his brilliant artistic insight. Both Kyle and Haley were professional and gracious. My guests all want to be friends with them now, as well. Our stunning pics arrived much faster than expected. I couldn’t be more thankful that Luma Weddings travelled all way to the mountains of Idaho to make our special day a perfect day. 10/10!

Elkins REsort
Priest Lake, Id

Megan & Ryan

"So friendly and professional at the same time. He is an excellent wedding photographer."

We're so happy we chose Luma Weddings to photograph the most important day of our lives together. Kyle and Haley make a great team together and they instantly felt like new friends. So friendly and professional at the same time. He is an excellent wedding photographer in Seattle, he captured every perfect moment at the right moment so that we can relive that day through his wonderful pictures. Turn around time was fast! Half the time that we were expecting!! We absolutely loved that he gave us several shots, even when they were the same pose, that we could pick out OUR favorites. We're grateful and impressed with the quality AND quantity! He provided 100% value along with his beautiful side-kick, they are a must have for your wedding. Thank you so much Kyle and Haley!!

Echo Falls
Snohomish, WA

Serena & David

Kyle shot our wedding in Cancun Mexico last weekend. He did an amazing job at making sure we were comfortable and adjusting to our late schedule. Beyond the professional wedding photography, Kyle & Haley joined in on our celebration and we all just clicked!

Outside of our AMAZING wedding photos, they were just so great to be with! We would highly recommend Kyle & Haley Goldie at Luma Weddings for any special events! SO MUCH FUN!

Excellence Playa Mujeres
Cancun, Mexico

Julianna & Ian

"Beyond our awesome photographs, Kyle & Haley joined in on our celebration and we all just clicked!"

"I got the pictures I've always dreamed of."

Jasmine & Delas

Woodmark Hotel
Kirkland, WA

I just received my wedding pictures and am SO EXCITED and extremely happy with the final product. They arrived much sooner than we expected. With so much wedding planning and anxiety, I can say that booking Kyle to be our photographer was one of our best decisions. My bridal party loved them, too!

I got the pictures I've always dreamed of. Thank you, Kyle and Haley!!! You guys are the best Seattle wedding photographers.

"We couldn't be happier with our photos!"

Emily & Luke

Private Estate
Vancouver, British Columbia

Kyle was absolutely amazing! He was kind and flexible throughout the day and was focused on the vision that we had for our photos.

During the time leading up to the wedding Kyle was so helpful, easy to work with and he always responded to my emails quickly. We couldn't be happier with our photos and the storytelling behind his style! When looking for Seattle wedding photography, book him. No wonder they've won so many awards!

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