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PS: doing a first-look is highly recommended & encouraged.

PPS: Both wedding timeline examples are based on an 8-hour coverage window, bride & groom getting ready close to each other, and having the portrait locations on-site. If you are planning on having portaits taken off-site, just reach out to me and I'll personally guide you through what I recommend for your unique wedding day. I'm here to help!


Getting ready with the guys

Grab your buddies, grab some bourbon, and just hang out for some documentary photos. Everything here will be super relaxed. Promise.


There's more time with the bridal party since there's a lot more that needs to be taken care of and photographed. Bring an extra bottle of sparkling wine to pop, too!

Getting ready with the ladies


Right before you get into your dress, have the bridesmaids get into their dresses. That way, we can get some gorgeous styled portraits like the one above!

Bride into her dress


I'll coach you into the best location for your first look (unless you have an absolute must spot), and from there - you're simply left to have an absolutely incredible moment together... with me being as inconspicuous as possible documenting every emotion.

The First look


Right after the first look, your wedding party will be amped up for their portraits and their role in the group photos. So, let's take some time to photograph those portraits and then move onto your own.

Wedding party group portraits


If you booked an engagement session, you already have the practice and you know exactly what to do. But either way, I will coach you through absolutely everything. It's going to be incredible! Trust me. :)

Couples Portraits


After a long morning of getting ready, portraits, and natural nerves leading up to your ceremony, it's super helpful to have some time to grab a snack, a drink, to catch your breath, and to fix hair & makeup (if necessary) before the ceremony.

Catch your breath


Time to officially get married and say your vows to each other! PRO TIP: Have a sign (or at least an announcement) to have it be a device-free ceremony so you don't have a bunch of phones and iPads lining the aisle in your photographs.

Time to get married


PRO TIP: Right after your ceremony, you're going to want a bit of time to yourself. I'll photograph you signing your license, then I'd recommend having a few minutes of simple, quiet peace to be with one another.

Sign your license


Now that your family is all together and before they get pre-occupied during cocktail hour, it's the perfect time for family portraits. Weddings are like family reunions, so let's make it efficient using the family portraits list I'll send you.

Family portraits


You're married, now let's get the party started! Pass the drinks around, hug all your loved ones, and have FUN!

Join the cocktail party


Make your grand entrance to a song of your choice, or a custom intro of your choice if you have an MC. Or, just keep it relaxed and you can skip this tradition. (I skipped it at my wedding).

Grand entrance


Now that dinner is being served, this is your time to get your energy back and get ready for the night of celebration ahead. PRO Tip: Don't rush it!

Dinner & Toasts


Who doesn't love a good dessert? Whether it be a traditional cake, donuts, or even an ice-cream stand, there's really no wrong way to go about sugar-filled deliciousness.

Mmmm... Cake


First dances as a married couple, followed by optional father-daughter & mother-son dances make these moments super emotional. 

First dances


Weather permitting, let's head out for even another 10-15 minutes to get some more beautiful golden-hour portraits and take advantage of the best light of the day.

Golden hour portraits


It's time to let loose, relax your shoulders, have some drinks, and hit that dance floor with your closest friends and family. And for this stage of your day, it's all about photojournalistic photos - nothing staged.

Party on


Thanks so much for having me there by your side on one of your most cherished days of your life. Now, I'll be working diligently on editing your photos and delivering them ASAP. Thank you again.

Photographer departs

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Timeline example with first look

Timeline example with NO first look


Getting ready with the guys!

Grab your buddies, grab some bourbon, and just hang out for some documentary photos. Everything here will be super relaxed. Promise.


Dude Photos Commence

Time for the formal group portraits of just the guys! Here, describe how this goes with the groomsmen.


Getting Ready & Details with the ladies

Details are so important. Make sure you convey that importance to your couples.


BRide Gets into dress!

Lend some pro tips & advice here about what to do during this time for getting in the dress!


Photo time with your girls!

Now, it's time for portraits with just the bride & bridesmaids. Build up the fun and excitement in your copy!


Catch your Breath

Give them some professional advice here about why a bit of time to take a break before the ceremony is a great idea.


Time to get married!

Build up the excitement for them getting married and for their ceremony!


Make it official!

Here, continue that excitement and describe why it's important to allot a few minutes to sign.


Family Portraits

Knock it out of the park with these family portraits while the guests are at cocktail hour.


WEdding Party group photos

Lend some advice about how to make this fun and seamless with their wedding day experience!


Couples Photos

Here, it's all about the time spent just with the couple. Guide them.


Grand Entrance!

Already underway, describe them rejoining the cocktail hour (or the start of dinner) here.


Dinner & Toasts

Describe what's happening during this time.


Mmmmm... Cake

Who doesn't love dessert? Describe this briefly and bring in some personality.


First Dances

Lend some tips on order, add in some [optional] fun or romantic copy.


Golden Hour Portraits

Depending on the time of year and timing of the sunset, briefly describe why this time for portraits is amazing.


Party on!

General reception, dancing, drinking, & celebrating! Briefly describe it here with exciting copy.


Photographer departs

Say thanks, and tell them what's next with delivery and set expectations.

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