Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

Seattle wedding photographer | First look on a Seattle rooftop

Everyone wants to look amazing in their wedding photos, especially since they are great memories of an important day in your life. But some people are nervous about having their photo taken or don’t think that they look good in photos. No matter how photogenic you think you are, you can always look great in photos if you take the time to listen to your photographer and get ready for the day in a look that you love.

Have Your Hair Styled by a Professional

Doing your hair yourself is great for everyday occasions, but for your wedding, you want to feel as confident as possible. Having your hair styled by a professional can help you to feel even more beautiful on your big day. Make sure to have a conversation with your stylist about what you are looking for and show them reference pictures. It also helps to do a trial run before the wedding so you can make sure that you love the look.

Take Care of Your Skin

If your skin looks great, you will feel confident and happy for all of your wedding pictures. Taking care of your skin beforehand can be a lot easier than trying to cover up issues with makeup. Preparing for your photos ideally begins months in advance. Start by making sure that you are washing your face and moisturizing every day. Then you can add in facials and other elements to really give yourself an amazing healthy glow. As you take care of your skin you will see a positive difference that will come through in all your wedding photos.

Choose an Amazing Photographer

Every photographer has a specialty, and you want to choose a wedding photographer who can take amazing photos. Look through the work of many photographers early and make sure that you choose one with a style that matches your aesthetic. Once you have selected your photographer, get to know them a little so you will be comfortable on your wedding day. And then make sure that you listen to your photographer’s advice when they are actually taking the photos.

Your wedding photos will be an amazing heirloom that will remind you of an incredible day. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in your photos. Try to enjoy the day and the experience so you can naturally look amazing in all your wedding pictures.

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