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Winter Wonderland-Themed Wedding in the Summer? Why Not!

If you’re planning on having your wedding in the summer, you may think that you have to have a tropical event to complement the warm season. For some people, a beach or outdoor theme may not be their style for their special day. Fortunately, you can still have a winter wonderland-themed wedding in the summer and decorate it appropriately. Here are a few tips as to how to accomplish this task.

White Flowers

Using white flowers during the ceremony and reception can allow you to create a beautiful and floral event that works with your winter wedding theme. Consider hanging white flowers from the ceiling, adding them to the centerpieces, and including them in the bouquets that are made for your wedding party. White peonies bloom in the summer and can create a whimsical effect that looks gorgeous. Adding a few pine cones to the bouquet will make it look ideal for the winter event.

Ice Sculptures

Wedding reception photos at the Sentinel Hotel

Ice sculptures are a great way to bring the magic and beauty of winter into your decor. Consider hiring a local catering company to bring in ice sculptures to use at your indoor location to make a statement and draw attention to specific parts of the reception. An ice sculpture can even be used as the backdrop of where you plan to say, “I do.” Ice sculptures are dramatic and will enhance the formality and beauty of your event. Consider a sculpture that has your initials or depicts snowflakes.


Bring a touch of the outdoors into your venue with trees that are scattered throughout the space. Using bare trees can allow your guests to feel like they’re sitting in the middle of the forest in the winter season, and they’ll look romantic too.


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Garland will add a cozy touch to the inside of your venue and can be decorated with string lights and flowers. Garland can be used around door frames and on centerpieces to create an enchanting setting that will make you feel like you can enjoy the holiday season during the summer. Add a few white candles to complement the green garland and prevent it from looking bare.

Don’t be afraid to make your wedding how you always envisioned it, even during the summer months. With the right decor used, you can transform the look of your venue and allow your guests to feel comfortable in a beautiful and frosted environment that resembles a winter wonderland.

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