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Woodinville weddings are gorgeous. And here, You will learn some tips to help you plan your very own.

Personally, I love being a Woodinville wedding photographer. It's such a peaceful, semi-secluded, easy-to-get-to location that offers a beautiful setting for weddings. And of course, if you are thinking about booking one of the stunning wineries for your wedding day, it levels up the aesthetic and environment even further - not to mention having high-quality wine flowing all day long. Woodinville itself has a wide array of wedding venues available to choose from, and it can feel overwhelming if you're not sure about where to start.

But, that's why you're here on this page of my website, and I am excited to share with you what I have learned over the last 10+ years as a Woodinville wedding photographer.  Keep reading for more info, and use the contact form on my website to ask me any questions you have. I am always here to help.

Woodinville Wedding Tips & Advice.
Let's chat about those FAQ's!

Q: What are some of the best wedding venues in Woodinville?

A: When it comes to the best Woodinville wedding venues, it's really a personal choice based on overall aesthetic and the level of perceived decadence that you're wanting as part of your wedding day. So, personally speaking - I absolutely love the Woodinville Lavender Farm, JM Cellars, Columbia Winery, and DeLille Cellars. There's also the Hollywood Schoolhouse if you're wanting a bit of that old Hollywood vibe.

Tips & Advice

Q: How far in advance should I book to you to be my woodinville wedding photographer?

A: Totally! Woodinville wedding venues are super popular, so as soon as you know your wedding date that you want - book it! Don't wait at all. Lock it in! And when you approach the venue of your dreams, it's even a good idea to have a backup date in mind. After all, if that Saturday you want to book is already taken, booking that venue on a Friday or Sunday can not only be available, but it might be available for a lower rate as well! Each owner/manager operates differently, so make sure to get in touch with them directly and ask your questions early. There's never a time "too early" to lock in the venue and the vendors who you really want to ensure are there for you on your wedding day. Same goes for your Woodinville wedding photographer - me. I've had many couples even book with me prior to their wedding to ensure they have their date reserved on my calendar, and then they find a wedding venue that fits that date.

Q: Where should I get ready for my Woodinville wedding?

A: Wherever it is, make sure there's ample light available. Some wedding venues in the Woodinville area offer "Getting ready" spots for the bride & groom, whereas others do not. So, one thing I have noticed that is quite common for Woodinville weddings is for the early stages of the day to happen at Willows Lodge, then simply convoy over to the wedding venue of your choice. 

Q: Where should we take our wedding photos in Woodinville?

A: Heading off your venue location for photos is not recommended in Woodinville. There's not any good location with easy logistics to make that happen, so stick on the property of the wedding venue that you choose, and book a wedding venue in Woodinville that has gorgeous grounds. 

Q: How many hours of photography coverage do we need?

A: It totally depends on your big day details, but most couples are totally happy with 8 hours. If you are wanting more of the "all day" sort of coverage, 10 hours would be your best match -- but 9 hours is the happy middle ground. The biggest decision is really all about how much reception that you want covered by your Snohomish wedding photographer. Are you planning on doing a special send-off at the end of the night? If so, you might want that 10 hour coverage -- if you don't want to do a fake send-off when your photographer is scheduled to leave. There's a few variables here. For now, the most important thing is locking in your Woodinville wedding photographer by locking them in. You can always add on time after everything is made official. At the very minimum, book your Woodinville wedding photographer for 8 hours at the very least. This allows your photographer to capture the most important moments throughout your wedding day story.

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