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3 Smart Tips for Creating a Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

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If you’re getting married, then congratulations! Now comes the fun, albeit stressful, part of planning your wedding! There are a lot of details to consider, like the type of food at the reception to the wedding dress itself. One detail you don’t want to overlook is the bouquet. This bundle of flowers can say a lot about the wedding and the bride herself. It’s also a key feature for your wedding photos. Here are three trips to make sure your bouquet is great and unique.

Gather Inspiration

Before you head to the florist, you should take the time to figure out what kind of theme you’re going for in your wedding. Canva recommends that it’s not a bad idea to create a moodboard or theme list that shows off color palettes, fabrics, and even a photo of the wedding dress itself. This can help your florist steer you in the right direction for the flowers that go with your theme and dress the best. Without a visual available, your florist may not be able to conceptualize as easily and lack the inspiration they need to make a great bouquet.

Research Your Options

Not all florists will be the same nor have the same amount of knowledge that you need to be able to find a specific kind of flower. So, if you want to really help your florist out and make sure you’re getting the exact kind of flower that you want, then you need to do your research. Find out what certain flowers are called so you can tell the florist by that name instead of just saying that you want purple flowers. Hydrangea Bloom suggests to be aware that your wedding season will impact what kind of flowers you want, as blooms and vases are going to vary on seasonal availability. Hydrangeas, for example, bloom in the fall in the Midwest, but do it in the summer if you’re in the South. Knowing which flowers are in season can ward off any potential misunderstandings.


One last aspect to consider to make your bouquet great is to add a personal touch. Besides just flowers, what else is important to you? Is it possible to fit that into your bouquet? By adding a personal touch, you can make your bouquet unique to just yourself. EVJ Wedding Co explains that your bridal bouquet is a chance to incorporate a special touch that is more for you and/or your bridesmaids. You could surprise each of your bridesmaids with a charm of their initial added to their bouquet, or even include a locket with a photo of those you wish could be there with you on your big day. This way your bouquet is unique, special, and heartfelt.  Just make sure to understand the power of limiting your options. Having too many kinds of flowers, or too many different colors or textures can quickly become overwhelming.

Bouquets are a staple at any wedding. Whether it’s a bouquet that’s going to be placed on a table for a centerpiece, a bouquet you’re going to walk down the aisle with, or any sort of bouquets you’ll need on your special day, you have to show your personality through it. Follow these three tips, and you’ll be right on your way to having the best bouquets you could want!