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5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner in Lisbon, Portugal

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Now that all the frenzy and highs from your engagement are over, here comes the exciting and overwhelming task of planning your big day. As it only happens once in your life, you want to make sure that the wedding of your dreams in Lisbon, Portugal, will be perfect. To make this a reality, hiring a wedding planner in Lisbon is the best way to go.


Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your Lisbon wedding.


  1. They work with local partners in Lisbon

Amongst all the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, the best one is they know all the local suppliers in Lisbon. If you’re not from this city or country, it would be a very daunting task for you to pick all the local suppliers and do all the coordination yourself when you cannot be there in person most of the time. A wedding planner would really be of significant help to you as they can help you find the following in Lisbon:


  • Suppliers for flowers, cake, food, and decors
  • Choir, musician, or band
  • Minister or officiating person


  1. They’ll lift the heavy weight of responsibility off your shoulder

As a newly engaged couple, you naturally will have a lot of responsibilities to juggle up until your big day. There are those endless family meetups, dress fittings, meetings, seminars, and permits and licenses to obtain, all on top of day jobs that you still have to do to help fund the wedding and the marriage as a whole.


No person can handle all these by themselves without feeling worn out and stressed at the end of the day. This stress, in turn, can show in your physical appearance, and you wouldn’t want to look like a zombie on what is supposed to be the most beautiful walk of your life. Your wedding planner will help remove some weight off your shoulders, as they will do most of the work for you.


  1. They’ll help you work around your budget

Because you’re not from Lisbon, it’s understandable that you don’t have local knowledge as to what is cheap or expensive or what can be considered a fair-enough deal.


When you first meet with your wedding planner, you’ll naturally talk about your budget, and it’s your wedding planner who will work their way to make the wedding as inexpensive as possible and to make the most of what you can afford. You’ll no longer worry about having to grab your calculator every time you’re about to purchase or pay something, as your local wedding planner is well-versed with allocating your money properly.


A bonus benefit in line with sticking to your budget is that your planner can help you get great deals and discounts. If any supplier is offering a promo, you’ll know about it because you have a trusted wedding planner in Lisbon who’s always in the loop.


  1. They can communicate better with the locals

Most of the locals from Lisbon do know how to speak English. However, you might be dealing with seasoned florists, cake makers, and a priest or minister who are a generation older than you and may have trouble speaking English.

Your local planner can do most of the communicating, especially with locals who may know only a little English. This can help you feel more at ease that mistakes due to miscommunication and misunderstanding will be prevented.


  1. They can present you with new and fresh ideas

More than anything else, it is worth noting that wedding planners have the experience and skill that most brides or grooms do not possess. You may be creative too, but remember that wedding planners regularly attend training, seminars, and forums; hence, they are the first to be updated about new and fresh ideas on wedding designs and themes.


You might think that Pinterest has all the details, but you’ll be surprised by the brand-new ideas that your wedding planner can supply you with, to help make your wedding even more magical and memorable.



Lisbon is a very beautiful city to get hitched in, and a wedding planner can help turn your wedding dreams into a reality. With the right wedding planner to help you out, you can avoid being a bridezilla or groomzilla and enjoy the whole process of preparing for your big day. Despite the additional costs that hiring one will entail, all the benefits will make it all worth it. All you’re left to do now is to search for that perfect wedding planner so you can finally say “I do.”


And of course, when you need a wedding photographer in Lisbon, reach out to me! It’s a HUGE item on my bucket list and I would absolutely LOVE to be there for you.