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4 Tricks for Dealing With Chronic Pain on Your Wedding Day

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The focus on looking as good as possible on your wedding day can lead to a torturous plan involving high heels, a rib-crushing bra, and belly-smashing shapewear. If you suffer from chronic pain every day, figuring out what garments will work for you can be even more daunting. To get through the occasion with a smile on your face, plot your day out with an eye toward relaxation.

Plan Reception Carefully

Allow for time between the wedding and the reception if they aren’t in the same location. Once the wedding is done, allow your guests the chance to mingle and travel easily to your next location. You can take the time to change your shoes, remove your dress, and stretch out your back or do whatever you need to do to get more comfortable. If this means taking a nap, consider packing a cot and keeping it in the bridal room so you can stretch out.


Try to get as many photos as possible taken before the wedding. Even if you save the ones where the bride and groom finally see each other until after the service, getting as many pictures taken as possible before the wedding will give you the chance to take a quick break after the service. Between the photos and the service, have someone unzip your dress so you can relax before walking down the aisle. Don’t let picture taking run too long on the big day. For group shots, make sure everyone follows and listens to the photographer so you don’t have to stand too long.

Hidden Comfortable Clothing

Invest in a pair of quality sneakers that match your dress. Change into them as soon as possible. If your dress is long enough, wear them for the photos. Don’t just plan to kick your shoes off and go barefoot. The risk of someone else stepping on your foot or you tripping and breaking a toe is too great. Studies estimate that over 11% of Americans suffer chronic pain. If fancy wedding shoes are killing your feet and back, plan to change into a more comfortable pair and give your body the support it needs.


Make sure that your clothing expectations are logical and realistic. You and your beloved are celebrating your choice to join together, not the fact that it looks as though you lost 10 pounds overnight. Avoid squashing yourself into shapewear that makes it hard to sit comfortably, use the bathroom or breathe deeply. For those with conditions such as fibromyalgia, nylon and spandex can cause overheating and a great deal of discomfort.

Your wedding will be a joyful chance to connect with family and friends. If you hire a wedding planner, make sure they’re aware of your condition. They can help you to plan your day so you can enjoy the celebration and protect your health.

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