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6 Designs Of Popular Engagement Rings Today

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Proposing or being proposed to is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. It’s an
unforgettable moment that will forever be symbolized by the ring on one’s finger. This is why
the planning that goes into choosing the right ring for this remarkable event is crucial. You need
to familiarize yourself with the most popular ring styles today to avoid any disappointed

Here are 6 designs of popular engagement rings to help you make the right buying decision:

1. Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

If you’ve got your heart set on a diamond ring, you’re spoilt for choice. Go with a round
diamond ring, which people appreciate for its classic shape. The glistening effect of this design
can easily make you the center of attention, and is perfect if you enjoy an elegant jewelry style.
Another popular choice is a pear-shaped diamond ring, also known as a teardrop ring. This
classic shape draws attention to your hand and speaks volumes about your classy personality.
The teardrop ring goes well with any look that you decide to wear and is suitable for any


2. Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

If you have a more traditional preference, you can go for the cushion cut diamond ring. The cut
is bigger and represents elegance, which will surely stand out in your engagement photographs.
The vintage touch adds personality and invokes a feeling of being admirable.
As you can see, there’s more than one style that comes with the diamond ring. If you want a
diamond, you can explore popular diamond engagement ring cuts that go with your personality
and preferences.


3. Three-Stone Cut Diamond Ring

If you enjoy a ring that tells a story about you as a couple, you can try the three-stone cut
diamond type. This has two diamonds flanking one and tells the story of your love as the three
stones symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity.


4. Two-Stone Diamond Ring

This two-stone design is similar to the three stones but with two diamonds placed side by side.
This symbolizes two souls becoming one. The ring serves to bond you and your partner further
by having a representation on your finger.


5. Emerald Engagement Ring

If you’re more unconventional, you can look at the emerald engagement ring. The beauty of this
green gemstone is that you can find one that complements your skin tone. However, the
downside to the emerald is that unlike the diamond, it’s softer and, as a result, has more breaking
points. This isn’t to say that it’s not a good idea to invest in an emerald engagement ring, but you
do have to keep in mind that it must be handled with care. Keep the ring separate from any other
items when storing it, otherwise it can become damaged. When cleaning your ring, make sure to
use the allocated material and not any convenient cloth that you find or else you risk scratching
your ring.


6. Vintage Engagement Ring

For those who are fond of vintage accessories, there’s an engagement ring waiting for you. This
timeless ring can be passed down from one generation to another. The meaning and sentimental
value of a vintage engagement ring makes it a worthy investment as it can be kept as a precious
family heirloom. It also makes for a good storytelling session among kids and grandkids, and can
serve as a trip down memory lane with your partner and loved ones.


Deciding On Which Ring To Get

Whether you’re buying a ring for your partner or are choosing one for yourself, being well-
informed about the ring is what will help you make the right decision. Having discussed with
jewelry experts the different options that are available, you can decide depending on the
personality and preferences you or your partner have. At the end of the day, remember to pick a
ring that symbolizes your love for each other in the most unique and meaningful way.



You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the various engagement rings that you can pick from.
Whether you’re picking a ring for your partner or one for yourself, you can get information about
the best engagement rings from expert jewelers. You or your partner might enjoy a diamond
engagement ring that comes in many different cuts, or perhaps even an emerald ring or a vintage
engagement ring.

You can eventually decide by analyzing all the information provided by
jewelers, the personality you and your partner have, and the story that you wish your ring to
represent. Love is a value to be cherished eternally and what better way to invest in a ring that
will last to tell a beautiful tale.