How to Successfully Plan an Unforgettably Romantic Engagement

If we are lucky, an engagement will represent a once-in-a-lifetime event. This is obviously why a great deal of foresight and planning will be required in order to create a truly unforgettable experience. While most of us might not be able to afford a sudden flight to Paris or a two-week romantic cruise around the world, the fact of the matter is that there are still a number of ways in which we can take advantage of this special moment. Let’s take a look at some unique tips and tricks.


All About the Ring and the Stone

Choosing an engagement ring should always represent one of the first steps. As everyone is different, try to take into account the tastes of your significant other. Do they enjoy larger diamonds or are they more attracted to subdued and conservative styles? Are they fans of gold or might they instead prefer modern alternatives such as platinum or silver? What cut of the stone is the most appropriate? Performing an online diamonds search will supply you with a host of unique options to consider.


Choose the Correct Location

The location of the proposal can actually have a massive impact on the end result. Unless you are hoping to fail, faux pas mistakes such as proposing on camera in the middle of a rugby match is never a good idea.


Think carefully about the venue and the ambiance. Perhaps you wish to propose where you first met or at a location that holds a special sentimental significance. Above all, choose a spot where you are not likely to be interrupted when descending to one knee.


Friends and Family

Another excellent suggestion is to make it a point to have friends and family members present during the actual proposal. The chances are high that he or she will love sharing such a special moment with those whom she cares about the most. Still, whether or not you wish to include other guests within your plans is a purely subjective decision.


Flower Power

Some of the best proposals involve much more than a ring. Much like an aperitif before the actual meal, you should make it a point to set the appropriate mood. This is when a bouquet of flowers can come into play. Here are some tips and tricks when selecting the type of presentation:


  • Use flowers that appeal to your significant other.
  • The number of flowers can signify how many years you have been together.
  • Include a personalized card within the bouquet.
  • Other additions such as sweets and candies are an added bonus.


Please note that these are only a handful of rough guidelines to consider. You should always base the type of proposal around your tastes and what you feel will resonate the most with your other half.


Expressing your undying love and devotion does not have to represent an overly daunting task if you take the tips and tricks mentioned above into account.