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Wedding Flower Arrangement Tips

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Choosing flowers for your wedding is quite exciting, but also tedious. The process is more than just picking your favorite flowers and colors and bringing them to your wedding, you need to consider other factors too. The main thing to consider is the general theme of your wedding and the costs and the availability of the flowers.

If you have a high budget for flower arrangements, you can engage a florist. However, if you want a DIY floral arrangement, you should involve a few friends or family members to help you choose the perfect flowers for your occasion. If you want a DIY, it will require a lot of preparation and time to come up with a perfect décor for your wedding. For a perfect flower arrangement, consider the following tips:


1.Look for a Lot of Inspiration

If you want to arrange your wedding flowers by yourself, then you need a lot of inspiration. Read through different wedding magazines. Also, you can get inspiration from sites such as Etsy and Pinterest. There are hundreds of flower arrangements on these sites that will make it easier for you to come up with a perfect flower arrangement for your wedding.

Another way of finding inspiration for your wedding flower arrangement is attending different weddings within your locality. Be intentional about going out and finding flower arrangements in public places and take pictures. Doing this will help you come up with a perfect a DIY approach to wedding flowers and settle for an ideal arrangement.


2.Come Up with a Color Scheme

You should consider having your favorite color on your wedding, although it is not necessary.

There are other amazing colors that when neatly arranged that you can use at your wedding. Choose the color of the flowers based on the general theme of your wedding. Ensure the color of the flowers blends in well with the general theme of your wedding.


3.Have a Budget

Fresh flowers are pricey and will require at least 15% of the wedding budget. If you are on a budget, you can mix fresh flowers with faux flowers to ensure you have sufficient flowers for the arrangement. Also, in addition to the flowers, you can use other decorative items such as lanterns, fruits, dried flowers, and leaves to cut on the costs the fresh flowers.

Another way of saving costs on the flowers is repurposing the flowers. For instance, you can use the alter and aisle flower arrangement for bar, lounge, or getaway car flower arrangement. For repurposing of the flowers, you will need someone to do the work as you enjoy your wedding.


4. Create a Procedure to Follow

Once you have identified all your flowers and you know the colors to use, prepare a procedure that you will follow for the arrangement. Have in place what you need for the arrangement, such as the floral foam, vases for centerpieces, and other necessary items. For instance, identify how many stems of roses you need in every bouquet, baby breath, or other types of flowers you need for each type of arrangement. Ensure you sufficiently have everything you need.


5. Seek Help

Flower arrangement is a demanding job, and you will need all the help if you choose to do it yourself. Allow your friends and family to bring their input in arranging the flowers. It will make the work easier, and the combined efforts will birth a perfect arrangement for your big day. Once the party is over, you will need these people to clear up décor and put away things. To ensure you are on time, you need to start the arrangement at least a day or two before the wedding day.


6. Set Aside a Good Working Station

It would help if you had a dedicated working station for the flower arrangement. Flowers are delicate, and you should handle them with care. Ensure you have all the tools and equipment you need for the job. The things you need at the working station include the plastic covers, tables, buckets of water, garbage bags, among other things.


7. Identify All the Places That You Will Need to Place the Flowers

If you are doing a DIY for your wedding floral arrangement, you need to identify all the places where you will place the flowers. It will help you to know the amount of flowers you need and the amount of time you need to invest in arranging the flowers. If you do not have a high budget for flowers, you can pick and arrange them only in key places. In addition, if your budget allows, you can use the help of a florist to help you with the arrangements.


8. Flower Arrangement Hacks

Some flower arrangements require the use of more flowers than others. You can use a few tricks to make the flowers occupy a big part of the room, even they if are just a few. Find hacks that make less flowers look like more. For instance, using chandeliers will make the room seem to have more flowers.


9.Use Flower Look-Alikes

Sometimes you will need certain types of flowers for your wedding. However, these flowers may be out of season or they are way too expensive. You can use flower look alike in place of your favorite flowers. For instance, if you wanted lily of the valley, you can find the look alike to substitute them. You can use the hydrangeas in place of sweet peas. Also, you can substitute garden roses with peonies. When making the flower arrangement, you should be flexible as things don’t always go as planned.



DIY flower arrangements for your wedding will require a lot of effort. If you have decided to go this path, ensure to research widely to help you come up with a perfect arrangement. Remember doing this will be much fun, but it can also be frustrating. Don’t work through the arrangements alone. Use the help you can get. If your budget allows, you can use the help of a florist to help make things easier and for a professional touch.

And yes, this is even coming from me as a wedding photographer. I’ve been to a few weddings over the years! Haha.

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