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Best Wedding Safety Tips For Having A Perfect Wedding

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Wedding days are LOTS of fun. And with great fun comes great responsibility. That’s sort of the movie line, right? 

Pay attention to these wedding safety tips

I’ve been to a lot of weddings. A LOT of weddings. A LOTTTTT.

The wedding day is perhaps the most important day of an individual’s life. As couples exchange vows, celebration, and jovial mood rents the air. The process of preparing a successful wedding, however, entails many activities, most of which are normally undertaken by the couple and a few of their assistants and personal aides. Preparing for a successful wedding is highly demanding in proportions that can wear down the parties involved in setting up the processes. To make the process and the event a success, certain elements relating to the safety of the couple and the attendants should be highly regarded. Here are some of the safety tips that should be regarded and upheld to prepare a perfect wedding.

Driving incidences and safety

Some of the most common safety incidents that occur during a wedding are normally associated with driving. The hype that comes with the wedding season particularly makes drivers less cautious on the road. It is easy to be distracted by things such as phone calls, text messages, and unbridled joy that overtake persons during the wedding period. Research has shown that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in the US and many other first world countries. Drivers would also always tend to be in a hurry to meet targets and deadlines set to make the wedding a success, therefore putting their lives and lives of the passengers in danger. And not to mention the increased chances of drunk driving. I don’t want to see anybody getting in their car

Hiring a driving service, carpool, … just be safe.

In resolution to this safety issue, it is crucial to seek services from driving service providers who would provide professional chauffeur services whenever required. Chauffeurs would, under all times, be and act responsibly. They would also not engage in some of the common unsafe driving practices such as drinking during the wedding or making unsafe rushes on the road. External driving services, on the other hand, would save you the transportation logistics involved in the process while also preventing you from exhaustion. Enlisting their services during the wedding would, therefore, promote a safe wedding process. So if you don’t have shuttles taking guests home, at the very least – figure out a designated driver. Carpool. Just be safe. Nobody wants to hear of a car accident on the way home from a beautiful wedding.

Wedding venue safety

Weddings are normally attended by multitudes. Sometimes, the wedding venue, if indoors, ends up being cramped up with people. Such venues can pose numerous risks to attendants. For instance, a wedding party hosted on an upper floor of balcony could lead to a collapse of the floor due to exceeding of the maximum capacity of the building. Other in-house incidences common include begging injured by falling objects in the house or even suffocating due to insufficient ventilation.

The best and safe alternative to ensure that the wedding is free of such incidences is to hire wedding planners who would handle the planning logistics involved in the process of preparing for the wedding. The planners take into consideration some factors when preparing for the wedding. Such details like the number of people to attend go a long way to advise them accordingly on the appropriate venue to secure where the attendants’ safety would be regarded and upheld. It is also essential to make a pre-wedding inspection of the venue to ensure that everything is set in order. In an open field, a proper arrangement should be made to allow for passageways for persons seeing to exit the congregation. This prevents tripping accidents while ensuring free mobility that could be necessary in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Food and dietary safety

Weddings are usually avenues of indulgence. When seeking to enforce food safety, care should be taken from multiple points. One of the areas that should be considered includes the hygienic food preparation and handling practices. Food should be prepared, at least, on the day before the wedding to avoid the food from spoiling and causing food poisoning. The ingredients used should be as fresh as possible.

To avoid further safety issues emanating from adverse reactions and allergy to foods, the attendants should be given a chance to state whether they have preferences for vegetarian or meat-based diets. The food service portions should also be appropriately controlled to prevent instances of overindulgence that could result in constipation. As much as a buffet is preferable, plates that accommodate smaller portions would prevent such humiliating instances as vomiting due to overeating.

On the other hand, drinks should be available and served in regulated portions and in compliance with legal drinking regulations.Many bartending services will make sure that drinks are mixed correctly and served at the right temperatures, and best of all, will make sure that minors do not consume any alcohol at the event. This is critical, as you do not want to be held liable for minors who end up in a car wreck for drinking at your event. Children should be served with soft drinks and adults given controlled amounts of the available alcohol-based beverages. Such regulations ensure that the celebrations proceed as smoothly as possible.

Weddings, as much as they are meant to pose a celebratory mood, can be plagued with some ominous safety issues. Planning for a successful and safe wedding should take into consideration such safety issues to avert them. Hiring driving services would avert potential road-related accidents while inspecting the wedding venue would ensure the comfort of the attendants. Lastly, food should be hygienically handled and served. Whereas the intense logistics that come with preparing the wedding can take a toll on the couple, it is best to hire third-party personnel to handle them on behalf.

Now that your wedding will be the safest it can be, make sure you’ll be able to remember your wedding forever. Hiring a wedding photographer will ensure that your wedding will be remembered by you and your family for generations. Get in touch with me to get your wedding photography done right.


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