How To Get to Kenai, Alaska from Seattle, Washington

How to get from Seattle to Alaska

To get to Kenai from Seattle, you have several travel options. Here are the 6 ways to make the journey, each with its own unique experience:


Fly to Kenai (Fastest Option)

  • Duration: Approximately 5-6 hours
  • Cost: The flight(s) typically ranges from $250 to $600.
  • Airlines: Alaska Airlines, Inc., Ravn, Delta, and others operate flights between Seattle (SEA) and Kenai (ENA).
  • Frequency: There are many weekly flights, but schedules may vary during weekends and holidays, so check in advance with your airline of choice. Personally, I like to fly Alaska Airlines.
  • Layover: The flight may have an average layover time of about 3 hours and 13 minutes.



Drive to Kenai (Roadtrip Adventure)

  • Duration: Driving from Seattle to Kenai takes approximately 2 days and 3 hours.
  • Distance: The road distance is approximately 2433.2 miles.
  • Route: You can take a scenic drive through beautiful landscapes and charming towns.
  • Itinerary: Here’s a sample road trip itinerary you can customize:
    • Day 1: Start in Seattle, drive for about 10 hours, stay overnight in Prince George.
    • Day 2: Leave from Prince George, drive for about 7 hours, stay overnight in Terrace.
    • Day 3: Leave from Terrace, drive for about 7.5 hours, stay overnight in Porter Landing (British Columbia).
    • Day 4: Leave from Porter Landing, drive for about 7 hours, stay overnight in Whitehorse.
    • Day 5: Leave from Whitehorse, drive for about 15.5 hours, stay overnight in McCarthy.
    • Day 6: Leave from McCarthy, drive for about 6.5 hours, stay for about 1 hour in Anchorage, then arrive in Kenai at around 7:04 PM.



Combination of Train, Car Ferry, Bus, and Drive

  • Duration: About 3 days and 15 hours.
  • Itinerary:
    • Take the train from Seattle to Bellingham Amtrak Station.
    • From Bellingham, WA, take the car ferry to Juneau.
    • Continue the car ferry journey from Juneau to Whittier.
    • Take the bus from Whittier Cruise Terminal – Alaska to Anchorage, AK – Airport.
    • Finally, drive from Anchorage, AK – Airport to Kenai.


Whether you choose the speed of flying or the adventure of a road trip, getting from Seattle to Kenai is an experience in itself. Whichever option you pick, whether you are going for a wedding, visiting family, or just for an adventurous vacation – make sure to check road conditions and weather if you decide to drive. And if you’re flying, you can enjoy the beauty of Alaska from the air during your journey.

Kenai awaits you with its natural wonders, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. So, pack your bags, prepare for an unforgettable journey, and immerse yourself in the magic of Kenai!


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