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Having An Outdoor Wedding? 5 Tips On Making It Absolutely Magical

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Congratulations! Making the decision to have your wedding outdoors is definitely an amazing one, both beautiful and romantic. The one hitch with outdoor weddings is that very often they aren’t quite as easy to pull off as you might think. There are several additional pitfalls and caveats that come hand in hand with an outdoor wedding; however, if you make sure you follow the advice listed below, chances are, you’ll be the brightest star on your wedding day.

Ensure that all guests are comfortable

Make sure that you take the time to consider the weather for both the month and the day of the wedding. If the weather is expected to be hot and sunny, make sure that you don’t leave your wedding guests slowly melting in the sun. Make sure that there are plenty of bottles of ice cold water near the seating areas. A bright idea is to print the wedding program onto a fan so that the guests have an easy way to cool themselves off. It’s also worth considering having plenty of sunscreen available so that they don’t end up being roasted in the sun. If you are planning the wedding in an extremely hot area, you could consider getting large electric fans (you’ll also want to get a generator, so make sure you keep that in mind). You could even get a tent to help block the rays from the sun. On the other hand, if your location is going to be both damp and cold, you will need to ensure that you inform your guests about the projected weather conditions so that they can bring additional layers if necessary. All that’s really necessary is a Xerox insert in a regular jacket. If the weather is projected to be really bad, you could also bring portable heaters and lap blankets. Bugs can also get in the way of enjoying what should be a happy celebration. If possible, plan ahead and have those pests taken care of by a professional so that they can’t ruin the big day.

Create a backup plan

If it rains really badly during the wedding ceremony, you’ll need to activate a contingency plan. Even though outdoor locations are often the most beautiful, you should always plan an indoor location just in case things go wrong with the weather. Many grooms and brides decide that they want to have their wedding ceremony outside and then hold the reception inside. Having a deck or porch with a gazebo can also help alleviate any weather issues while adding beauty and functionality to the ceremony. If the weather is cold, space heaters or even a fire pit can provide some warmth. If worst comes to absolute worst, you can move to the reception location and move the tables out of the way a little to make room for the ceremony. Tents can be extremely useful, but won’t be effective in rainstorms that exceed gentle to moderate. Heavy rains saturate the ground, which will leave the guests at your wedding with muddy and soggy shoes. They probably won’t be very happy about that. If you decide to go with the tent option, ensure that it is sturdy and has thick, weighted sides so that winds won’t cause it to fall over. This piece of advice leads right into the next tip, which is:

Plan for wind, even if it’s not in the forecast

Most weddings that are held outdoors are subject to considerable winds, even if it was not projected in the forecast. Try to avoid light fabrics such as China silks and chiffons when you are planning the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses. Be sure you notify your hair stylist that you are having your wedding held outside so that they can help you plan an appropriate style. If you are having the wedding inside a tent, make sure that it is one that will be able to withstand the average winds in the area where you are getting married.

Sound logistics are important

When you visualize your wedding on the romantic beach, chances are you forgot to include the crashing waves, roaring wind, and screaming children. You may want to consider making use of a sound system that includes clip-on microphones for the groom, bride, and officiant. If you are having trouble figuring this out on your own, your band or DJ can probably work out the logistics of this for you.


One of the largest appeals of an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty of the environment. This makes it much easier to decorate the wedding site. However, the odds are that you will still need to put in a little work. If you can, try to visit the wedding site about a week before the date of the wedding to ensure that the flowers have bloomed, the ground has been raked, the grass has been mowed and that the trees are trimmed and prepped. If you are holding the ceremony at a public park or other such location, you might want to see if you can have some of your friends take care of this the morning before the wedding.

With all the hard work you put into planning and preparing for your outdoor wedding, you’ll want to remember it forever. So if you’re looking for that Seattle wedding photographer or destination wedding photographer, call on me to capture the magic of your wedding day for you! Look at the services we provide and decide which ones are perfect for you and your special moment.