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How to Make Your Maid of Honor Feel Special on Your Big Day

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Your maid of honor is a special person in your life. She has been at your side throughout the entire wedding process and should be celebrated in a big way as you take this momentous step. Here are three ways to make your maid of honor feel special on your big day.

Take Her to Get Her Hair Done

Every wedding party attendant loves to feel pampered in advance of the big event. You can do this by treating your maid of honor to a trip to the salon to get her hair done for the wedding. When going to your hair appointment with your maid of honor, it’s a good idea to bring a picture of the style you want. Regardless of whether she chooses an elegant updo or romantic curls, she will feel honored by being able to accompany you as you both get your hair done for this exciting occasion. A salon appointment is an ideal way to build excitement for what lies ahead while also sharing a special moment with the person who you have asked to stand up next to you when you exchange your vows.

Give Her a Toast

One of the best ways that you can make your maid of honor feel treasured on your big day is to single her out at the reception. You can easily do this by dedicating a toast to her. Good topics to incorporate into the toast include a special story about the two of you or why you chose her to be your maid of honor. Including your favorite memories while also looking forward to all that you still have to share is the best way to write a toast honoring this unique friendship.

Present Her With a Special Gift

Even if you give all of your wedding party attendants a gift to thank them for their participation, you can elevate this present for your maid of honor. Giving her something extra special will show her how much her presence means to you. Consider a thoughtful and sentimental gift, such as an engraved picture frame or a photo blanket. If she is a wine enthusiast, you can give her a vintage bottle of wine bottled in the year that the two of you met.

The message of these sentiments should be that you value her friendship. By doing these things, she will know how happy you are that she is the one walking this road with you as you get married.

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