Men’s Wedding Band Buying Tips To Get The Perfect One For You

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Men’s Wedding Band Buying Tips to Get the Perfect One for You


Preparing for a wedding is not easy, and having to choose that one ring symbolizing eternal love and unity doesn’t make it easier. The pressure to pick a perfect ring becomes greater if you’re a man of style, considering that this is one piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life.


Tips on choosing a wedding band


No doubt, all eyes will be on your bride when she walks down the aisle, but the wedding ceremony is your moment too. When it’s time for her to slip a ring on your finger while reciting your vows to each other, make sure that it’s something you’ll be proud to wear.


You don’t have to lose a lot of sleep agonizing over a suitable wedding band for you. Following these guidelines can help you get ready for your big day and make the preparations less taxing:


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute


Your chance of finding the ring you want is better if you start your quest early. Ideally, your time frame should be two or three months before the wedding date. Before you talk to a jeweler, take time to look at websites that can give you a pretty good idea on what’s available on the market. Manlybands.com is one site you can visit. You can research the prices and designs to help you make a decision.


  1. Set a budget


Budgeting for wedding band is probably the most unromantic aspect of the whole process, but an essential one nonetheless. Be realistic in setting a limit to your purchase; otherwise, you can go overboard and end up in debt. Ring prices will largely depend on the type of metal used in crafting it. You will have to spend more if you plan to have some engraving or redesigning done. If funds are a  bit tight, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something crappy. There are amazing rings that you can buy for a few hundred dollars.


  1. Know your ring size


Before you can go to the exciting part of choosing your favorite precious metal, there’s something else that needs to be done – knowing your ring size. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the wedding band that you’ve always wanted and discovering soon after that it’s uncomfortable to wear. Remembering a few tips while determining your ring size will help you find a good fit.


  • The sizes of your fingers changes, depending on the time of day, temperature and what activities you performed. Your fingers are smaller in the morning than they are in the evening. Warm temperatures make them swell, and the opposite happens when it’s cold. Hence, it’s best to take a measurement towards the end of the day, and when your body is at its normal temperature.
  • Wider bands provide a tighter fit. If this is your ring of choice, make an allowance by going up half a size.
  • Getting different size results from jewelers is possible. Take note of these differences and buy your ring from the same vendor you gave you a specific size.


  1. Choose your metal


Like other pieces of jewelry, wedding bands for men are made with different metals. The kind of metal affects how durable, expensive and attractive the ring is. Among the more popular metals are:

  • Platinum. Very durable and exhibits a white color and enduring shine. It’s also very expensive.
  • Gold. Comes in yellow, white and rose varieties. White gold looks similar to platinum but will need a rhodium plating every once in a while to stay shiny. Yellow gold is soft and is a classic metal for wedding bands. Rose gold is becoming more popular these days, especially among young grooms. It contains copper, which is responsible for its beautiful champagne hue.
  • Silver. A more affordable option but not as durable as the other metals.
  • Palladium. A cheaper alternative to platinum and has a unique, dark gray, shiny surface.


  1. Take your lifestyle and personality into account


You’ll be wearing your wedding band for years, so it should reflect who you are. If you prefer classic and traditional styles, then a plain band would be suitable for you. If you don’t mind being more flashy, go for a rose gold ring that features patterns and textures.


Your lifestyle should influence your choice as well. For instance, if you are into sports or engage in a hobby that can potentially damage your ring, pick a band that’s been made of more durable material.


Even if you won’t get as much attention as your bride on your wedding day, it is still important to find the right wedding band. After all, it’s a purchase that you get to do only once in your life. By following these tips, shopping for your wedding ring will be a more pleasurable experience.