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How to Plan Entertainment for a Wedding

Stilly Brook Farm reception photos by Luma Weddings

There is no doubt about it — you are supposed to be the center of attention when it comes to your wedding. However, what happens after you both have said your “I Do’s” and driven to your reception area? As you might already know, the reception is next. Entertainment is very important to not only make your night that much more memorable but to keep your guests happy and interested. Therefore, the following list entails some of the few things to keep in mind when planning entertainment for your wedding.

Follow the Theme

Weddings, for the most part, have over time been kept traditional, although this seems to only be focused on the actual ceremony rather than the reception. Over the years, couples have chosen to throw away the traditional wedding reception for more fun and engaging themes. Some may choose a holiday theme such as Mardi Gras, or a chosen decade such as the 1920’s, or one of the many other possibilities. When choosing your entertainment for the night, it is always important to keep with the theme. In addition, your budget must also support it. If you are having an opera-themed wedding for example, you probably won’t be able to hire a whole orchestra. Budget and plan your event entertainment accordingly.


Although DJs usually provide their own equipment, other forms of entertainment may not. If an audio or visual presentation is part of the entertainment, you need to make sure you have the necessary equipment. This means having extra wires, mics, and stereos just in case. The last thing you want is to lose sound and rely on yelling for the rest of the night. Luckily, these items can be rented from local companies and may also provide you with additional components for a small fee.

Plan Ahead

Wedding entertainment comes in all forms. From belly dancers to fire breathers, the list is endless. However, before you go on booking your favorite act, it is also important to consider these next two things first. Number one is to receive everything in writing. This will allow you to have concrete legal evidence in the event that the performers cancel. The second thing is to check with your chosen venue to see if an act such as fire breathers would even be allowed to perform.

Entertainment at a wedding can either break or make the night. Therefore, it is crucial that soon-to-be-wed couples understand the complexity that comes with preparing their entertainment. Make sure you hire a photographer to capture your wedding day.