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The Significance Of Wedding Rings When Getting Married

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Getting married to the love of your life in the presence of your closest friends and family is an event that’s surely one for the books. But before you can enjoy your wedding ceremony, you have to prepare a lot of things first. You’ll have to pay for several items for your wedding day such as invitations, food, the venue, and most importantly, your wedding rings.

Traditionally, wedding rings were woven using plants and first worn by women during the ancient Egyptian times. Later on, the tradition of wearing wedding rings was incorporated into Christian and Jewish culture, along with a more formal wedding ceremony.

The practice of exchanging wedding rings between the bride and the groom is still observed up to this very day. Aside from being a tradition, wedding rings are important when getting married as these objects signify the following:


  1. Infinite Love

Mens tungsten wedding band and other types of wedding bands come in a circular form. This shape doesn’t have any beginning or end, symbolizing infinity. Wedding rings are eternal and endless—just like how marriage is supposed to be.

Weddings are formal ceremonies that bind two people together, and they are expected to stay as a couple for the rest of their lives. Similar to the form of a ring, marriages are supposed to last for infinity.



  1. Commitment

Back in the days, a financial arrangement was made before couples could get married. Since the practice of giving engagement rings isn’t common, grooms-to-be were expected to present expensive wedding rings to the bride and her family. This serves as proof that the groom is committed to getting married and won’t change his mind.

The wedding ring is given to the bride’s family months before the wedding date, and the family, along with the groom, will have to protect the ring until the wedding ceremony is over. This practice is a sign of commitment that was carried until the 21st century.

Although the traditions have changed, wedding rings remained to be a sign of commitment. Wedding rings signify the commitment of the couple towards each other and to the marriage.



  1. Status

Seeing a wedding ring on a person’s finger is one of the easiest ways to tell their marital status. Wearing a wedding ring means that you’re no longer available to entertain other romantic relationships.

After getting married, you are expected to wear your wedding rings all the time. Regardless if you’re only staying at home or vacationing in another country, wedding rings are usually worn all the time to indicate your status.



  1. Responsibility

Being married marks an important stage in your life. From being single, you will now be committed to someone. But aside from taking your relationship to another level, exchanging wedding vows and wearing wedding rings serve as a promise that you will always consider your spouse’s opinion when making decisions.

Your wedding ring acts as a reminder that all your actions will impact not only yourself but your spouse, as well. You now have a responsibility to your spouse, so whenever you’re faced with situations that require you to choose from several options, you need to consider your spouse’s opinions and how your decision will affect them.

Wearing a wedding ring requires responsibility. When you wear a wedding ring, you are not only deciding for yourself but also for your spouse and for the marriage, too.



  1. Attachment

Wearing a wedding ring doesn’t only symbolize your marital status or commitment to your spouse. This piece of jewelry also signifies your affection towards your spouse.

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, where a vein is said to directly connect to the heart. This means that once you wear a wedding ring, your commitment to your spouse is bound with love.


  1. Stable Relationship

 In 1477, Mary of Burgundy received a diamond engagement ring from the Archduke of Austria. Diamonds were precious stones, which were only available to people of royalty. Since diamonds were considered rare, it was believed that the stone possessed magical powers and can heal any wounds.

The perception of the public towards this stone and its unique characteristics are some of the reasons why a diamond-encrusted wedding ring is considered as a symbol of having a stable relationship.

This tradition involving diamond rings is still observed today. Wearing wedding rings with diamonds on them still symbolizes that the wearer shares a genuine and stable relationship with their spouse.



Consider Your Options Carefully

Since wedding rings symbolize a lot of things, you should put a lot of thought into your purchase. The budget, quality, material, and your own and your partner’s taste should be considered. Think about the maintenance requirements of the wedding rings, too.

With the number of wedding rings available today, knowing what factors to consider can help you narrow down your search and buy wedding rings that look perfect once worn!