Destination Weddings

Why Chicago May Be The Hidden Gem Of Destination Weddings

Fremont Bridge wedding photos by Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings

Destination weddings are SO popular these days, but if you are thinking about planning a destination wedding somewhere, how on earth are you to limit down the options? I mean seriously! Aruba, Hawaii, Mexico, Iceland, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Thailand, and countless others. Where the heck do you start?

Well, destination weddings don’t necessarily need to be overseas. Quite often, I see destination wedding planning completely overlook other areas around the United States. Why? Why not keep it within the US, cut down on your costs, cut down on travel time, cut down on language and cultural barriers, and keep your life simple?

What is a Destination Wedding?

In my opinion, a destination wedding is a marriage that takes place at least 100 miles away from the bride’s current home. That’s it. Super easy, right? This presents a myriad of options for where the groom and bride could settle in for a honeymoon, wedding, or even a simple vacation following the big day.

Why Is Chicago an Ideal Destination Wedding City?

Although Chicago doesn’t have the tropical temperatures and streets lined with palm trees that some married-to-be couples look for, Chicago has its own benefits. Many turn to this city as the best option for destination weddings since there are breathtaking lakes and skyline views not offered in many other developed cities.

The suburbs are home to citizens and attractions drawing tourists into the Midwestern nature and modern buildings that seem to contrast one another perfectly. Another major attraction other than the lakes and views from buildings is the Magnificent Mile.

What is the Magnificent Mile?

The Magnificent Mile is a premier commercial district in Chicago. It offers upscale fashion outlets, shops, restaurants, and posh hotels for its tourists. This draws many new and soon-to-be-married couples together because they have many options for activities, food, shopping, and temporary housing while enjoying themselves. Guests would be more drawn to this as well, with the marriage being one of the best to remember due to the variety.

Best Time to See the Magnificent Mile

The best time to see this popular attraction is during the afternoon and during sunset. It is easier to become more familiarized with the setting and its offerings during the middle of the day. However, it is also more exciting during sunset since guests and couples will be exposed to the beautiful lights of the upbeat city during its twilight hours. To see the beauty of the city at its best, there is also the John Hancock Center that allows visitors to take in the setting from an exclusive deck. The 100-story building includes fine dining, the view of a lifetime, and sparks the curiosity and romantic setting for couples.

Who Agrees?

The majority of those surveyed from New York, New Jersey, Texas and other states agreed that Chicago was the best option for the vacation of a lifetime because of the attractions, and destination weddings are commonly held here for this reason.

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