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2018 Wedding Trends

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How to make your wedding so 2018 by following these 2018 wedding trends

It might have been said time and time again, but it’s true – your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s also one of the most expensive. It’s something most people thoroughly plan and budget for, perhaps even years in advance. And (of course) – you’re wanting to make it trendy.  So, what are the projected 2018 wedding trends?

How then can you create a day which oozes a contemporary feel? The last thing you want is people realising you stockpiled your table decorations in the sale three years ago. Here’s some advice to keep your wedding trendy in 2018:

  1. The dress

Choosing a wedding dress is a hugely personal thing to do. It’s arguably one of the most memorable outfits you’ll ever wear and you’ll be looking back at photos for years to come. But with 32% of brides saying they “cringe” when they look at their wedding dress now, what can you do to ensure yours is memorable for the right reasons?

Well, ignore the trends which don’t suit you. Deep V-necklines, cold shoulders and feathers might have been huge in 2017, but we’d be willing to beat a few brides will be regretting their choices in years to come. It’ll be the ones who opted for a trend over what suits them. Even though you want your wedding to be current, always choose a dress which is timeless for you and your body shape. Don’t be swayed by

2018 wedding trends in Seattle by Seattle wedding photographer Luma Weddings

  1. The colors and décor

Pantone’s colour of the year always trickles through into wedding trends. Fortunately, the 2018 colour forecast is here. Elle Décor attended the International Home and Housewares Show where Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman said: “Metallics we know are classic, but they have really moved over into neutrals.” She also predicts a continued infatuation with iridescence, since “the human eye can absolutely not avoid” anything pearlised or translucent. Another trend will be moving away from pastel and towards intense colours.

Think about whether you’d like either bright, powerful colours at your wedding, or you sway towards a shinier style.

2018 wedding trends for epic engagement sessions

  1. The cake

Wedding cakes which double up as an interactive desert have been rising in popularity for years now – and it’s not stopping in 2018. Whilst we might be over personalised ‘cakes’ such as doughnut and cupcake towers, we’re huge fans of things your guests can serve themselves. Cheese and crackers or ice cream and toppings. Serve up loads of choice and they can create a dessert that’s perfect for them. With a range of crackers and toppings, no-one will be disappointed.

What 2018 wedding trends do you predict? Share your recommendations with us.

Wedding cake designs & 2018 wedding trends

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