Engagement Sessions

Carnation Horse Ranch Engagement Session

Carnation is known well for it’s gorgeous land, and this horse ranch engagement session certainly did not disappoint.

This one was very interesting since we were worried that we would be completely flooded out of the possibility to shoot here!  The Cascade lowlands were getting quite a bit of heavy rain, and there were portions of the road that were totally washed out with high river water.  Thankfully, my car made it through and we were able to create these gorgeous photographs for Emily + Ryan at their family’s estate!

Florist | Sue Dwyer
Dress Boutique | Bellevue Bridal
Caterer | Delicious Delivered
DJ | Michael Duncan
Venue | Hidden Meadows
Photography | Luma Weddings

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Have you been wanting to have your engagement session somewhere similar?  How about your wedding?  Let me know what you have in mind and I can certainly send over some suggestions for farm weddings, ranch weddings, and other rural areas that make for some AMAZING photos!!

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