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Excellence Playa Mujeres Wedding Photographer

Cancun, Mexico is an incredibly popular destination to have a wedding for many reasons, but the ease of flying there, the warmth of the location, the quality of the resorts, and the low cost when compared to other destinations makes it an easy decision.  Now, it’s a matter of limiting down the options of all those different Cancun wedding venues to the one you are going to get married at.  Pretty tough decision, right?

My best piece of advice would be to keep it simple. Find the vendors you are wanting to have help you with your wedding (photographer, hair, makeup, caterer, planner, etc) and ask them for their personal recommendations.  Most wedding vendors are very honest and forthright with their opinions.  Here at Luma Weddings, we are probably the most honest vendor you will ever meet. So, here is what we think about having your Mexico destination wedding venue be the Excellence Playa Mujeres…


The security of this resort is like nothing I have ever experienced. The customer service is impeccable.  The all-inclusive resort is something that will make you wanting even more (if that is even possible).  The swim-up bar, the pizza oven on the beach, the crystal clear water, the jet ski rentals, the open-air rooms, the jacuzzi tubs in-suite… all just truly incredible.  And that isn’t mentioning the quality of the wedding experience!

Here at Luma Weddings, our wedding photography experience has enabled us to make destination weddings an ease – especially when it comes to Cancun weddings.  If you are searching for a Cancun wedding photographer, search no further!  Contact me today with all your questions about Cancun wedding venues, Cancun wedding photography, and about the Excellence Playa Mujeres weddings.  I look forward to hearing from you soon! – KG


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