Snohomish County Wedding Venues

VENUE: Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding Photographer

If you have limited down your wedding venue search in Greater Seattle to being outdoors, you most likely have stumbled across Snohomish wedding venues.  One particular venue that I have specifically photographed on a few different occasions is Woodland Meadow Farms.

While it’s only a short drive from the urban elements of a city, you feel like you are miles away – tucked off in a private, rustic piece of farmland.  If it rains, they have a tarp that covers your guests during the ceremony, a covered dining area, and the natural protection of trees surrounding the venue.  That said, Woodland Meadow Farms weddings are most often sunny, dry, and stunning.  I only mention rain because whenever you are planning for an outdoor wedding in the Pacific Northwest, you must plan for the worst-case scenario!  That said, even when it’s raining at this beautiful Snohomish wedding venue, the results look like these:

Woodland-Meadow-Farms-135-XLIf you are searching around for the best outdoor wedding venues in Washington State, get in touch with me today. I can absolutely send you in the right direction – and Woodland Meadow Farms will certainly be on that list.  Allow me to be your Woodland Meadow Farms Snohomish wedding photographer, and let’s create memories!

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