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Dairyland Wedding Venue in Snohomish, Washington

Dairyland wedding venue photos in Snohomish, WA

When looking for wedding venues in Snohomish, Washington, there a handful that pop up on your quick Google search.  One rustic wedding venue in Snohomish that you should look into is the Dairyland wedding venue.

The Dairyland wedding venue is run by the same individuals as Woodland Meadow Farms, and it’s run with the same level of professionalism, attention to detail, and class.  Thankfully for me, I live about 10 minutes away from both Dairyland and Woodland Meadow Farms and it makes for a nice, short commute.  Moreover, it means I work regularly around the Snohomish area and I’m familiar with the best locations, the lighting around these rustic wedding venues, and how to get the best photographs year-round. This is my backyard, after all. I love being a Snohomish wedding photographer! Truly.


The Dairyland wedding venue is ultra rustic, but when decorated, it can give that modern appeal.

When I received an inquiry from Emily + Ryan to photograph their wedding at Dairyland, I was thrilled.  The venue is beautiful and the rustic charm is a special one to photograph.  (Be careful over who you hire for your wedding here, though — make sure they know how to photograph and edit in dark rooms).  Or, you know, you can just hire me 😉

The inquiry came in and our discussion started – I only became more excited after getting to know them better.  They’re the kind of couple that my wife (Haley) and I would grab a drink with outside of the wedding.  Super laid back, trusting, adventurous, outgoing, generous, funny, and just a down-to-earth authentic couple.  Haley and I even bumped into Emily while we were both having our bachelor/bachelorette parties in Lake Chelan on the same exact weekend! What are the odds.

As their Snohomish wedding day approached, however, the weather forecast only got worse.  It called for rain, wind, and cold temperatures.  That is exactly what they got for their Dairyland wedding.  Good thing I’ve shot in storms for over a decade and knew exactly how to handle it.

The one thing that puts a damper into stormy weddings isn’t the rain itself (unless your venue is completely outdoors) – it’s the attitude of the bride & groom.  Thankfully, Emily + Ryan didn’t let the rain slow them down. They had some beer, some laughs with their friends, and trusted their vendors to make their wedding dream a reality.  And that’s exactly how it turned out. Amazingly.

If you are worried about getting your hair wet on your wedding day, ask your photographer how messed up it will get. If it’s just drizzling and your hair is locked down with a thousand pins, get outside and get those natural light photographs.  They’ll be on your walls for the rest of your life.  If you don’t care and want to embrace the torrential downpour, it only adds more of that authentic romance — think Notebook movie.  Kissing in the rain, completely soaked. GORGEOUS.  Now, some brides will be okay with this and some won’t, but it’s always photogenic and really makes for an amazing story through images.

With the Dairyland wedding venue, there are both indoor and outdoor reception sites and ceremony sites.  It allows for that worst-case scenario.  Emily + Ryan took advantage of that worst case scenario due to the storm on their wedding day and moved their ceremony indoors – and it was beautiful.

So, if you are looking for a rustic wedding venue in Snohomish, make sure you check out both Dairyland and Woodland Meadow Farms. Both have different vibes, and having photographed both – you will be happy with either decision.  I’ve photographed both with very large, powerful storms and they both handle well on those crazy PNW days.

Before you make your decision on booking the Dairyland wedding venue, check out Emily + Ryan’s photographs below. See and experience their stormy wedding day through these images.  I loved every second of it. Thank you for having me, you two. It was a true honor and pleasure.


Their Dairyland wedding venue photos are below! Check them out.

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 Dairyland wedding venue & Snohomish wedding vendor credits:
Venue: Dairyland
Snohomish Wedding Photographer: Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings
Assistant: Haley Goldie of Luma & Lavender (an awesome Snohomish wedding coordinator and my lovely wife)
Videographer: Tyler Carlson

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