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Silver Frame Wedding Favors


Silver Wedding Frame Favors

The time you spend planning your wedding can be very exciting. It can also be frustrating if you are trying to find just the right wedding favors. You are probably looking for something elegant and simple, yet not too expensive. You do not want edible favors, or something that will be gone in a month. You want to say thank you to those who attend with a favor that will become a memento of your wedding.

Wedding Frames Favors
Wedding frames favors have a long history. They also come in a wide assortment of styles and colors. The most elegant wedding frames favors are silver in color. They may be silver-colored metal, chrome, silver plate, or sterling silver. Silver resin is an inexpensive way to have elegant silver wedding frame favors without the cost. Even pewter has enough of a silver tone to be elegant. Whatever the metal, there are elegant silver wedding frames favors to fit most brides’ budgets.

Wedding frame favors are a lovely way to greet your guests, and may be used on tables to hold a small photo of the bride and groom or a placecard that will guide guests to their seats.

You will find a wedding favors frame favor to go with almost any wedding theme. Even limiting your choices to those available in silver, silver color or pewter leaves a wealth of choices. Most will hold a 2.5″ x 2.5″ or larger photo or card. Blank placecards are usually included.

Traditional Silver Frame Wedding Favors
If your theme is a traditional romantic or nostalgic theme, you can find wedding frame favors such as the following six.

1. Simple square or rectangular wedding favors frame favors in silver. The simplicity of a plain silver frame is often engraved with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date.
2. Heart wedding frame favors may have 3 or more hearts in relief, setting off the photo or placecard and conveying a silent message of love.
3. Rectangular wedding favors frames favors sized 3″ x 4″ hold a 2″ x 3″ photo or card. These frames come in a variety of silver designs. On one end of the choices are wedding frame favors bordered with nostalgic flowers, hearts, or scrolls. At the other end are silver frames with sleek bamboo lines or the appearance of twisted silver ribbon, etc.
4. Cinderella style wedding frame favors feature a silver pumpkin coach pulled by sleek silver horses. Others make a frame of the entire coach, with your photos looking out from the coach.
5. “Love and Marriage” silver wedding frame favors have a silver “love horse” pulling the “marriage carriage” frame.
6. Some silver wedding frame favors are shaped like double wedding bells or twin hearts, highlighted by an oval photo opening.

Non-traditional Silver Frame Wedding Favors
Non-traditional silver wedding frame favors fit weddings that carry a less traditional theme. Similar in size and shape to the above wedding frame favors, the non-traditional themes are represented by these examples.

1. Your western wedding favors theme can be expressed with western wedding frame favors. Rectangular frames often feature cowboy boots, cowboy hats, horseshoes, and lariats.
2. For a beach or nautical theme, you might choose silver wedding frame favors with a lighthouse in relief, or seashells at one corner.
3. A garden theme can be enhanced by wedding frame favors with a twined border of calla lilies and leaves.
4. If you plan a medieval wedding, you can purchase silver wedding frame favors centered in a turreted castle, a knight in shining armor at one corner.
5. An Irish themed wedding might use wedding frame favors bearing an Irish shamrock or claddagh.

Silver wedding frame favors come in a wide range of prices, dependent on the material used. Pure silver and sterling silver are at the top of the price range, followed by silverplate and chrome. Silver resin is at the low end. Prices per frame can range from about $1 to $7 or more.

Many elegant silver wedding frame favors are available in the mid-range. To give each guest a beautiful silverplate frame with glass insert and black velvet backing, you will want to budget about $2.50 each. Optional costs include engraving and gift wrapping.

Traditional or non-traditional, costly or inexpensive, you can enhance your wedding theme with elegant silver wedding frame favors.

You can never go wrong with wedding favors. Just make sure whatever you choose is tasteful, within your personality, and within budget.  The guests are there for you, not for gifts.

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