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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Photographer

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When you are considering having a destination wedding, there are lots of typical questions to ask, but here – you will learn the top 5 questions to ask your destination wedding photographer.

  1. Have you photographed a destination wedding in this country before?
    While it’s not super crucial that your photographer has experience photographing weddings in that particular country, it can help put your mind at ease if they are familiar with the airports, the customs, the culture, and the basics of traveling to/from that country at ease.
  2. Do you have experience photographing in this sort of climate?
    After photographing in the Arctic Circle and the Tropics, I understand first-hand how crucial this question is. Batteries can drain super fast in cold climates, and they can overheat in hot, tropical climates. Lenses and filters can fog up going between air conditioning and high-humidity. And when it comes to weddings, you can’t afford to miss moments. Have a destination wedding photographer that is comfortable and confident in that type of climate. Note: Nearly every photographer will say that they are comfortable & confident, but do your due diligence. It’s an important thing to know and understand first-hand.
  3. How early do you arrive at the location, and will you be there for the rehearsal?
    Personally, I arrive 2 days early, have a full day prior to the wedding to get my energy back after a day full of traveling, and enough time to scout the locations prior to the wedding day. That way, when we meet during the rehearsal, I can let you know what I found, my recommendations for the best photos for your destination wedding, and a game plan to make it all happen. I require 3 nights as the minimum stay for all destination weddings in order to best serve your wedding day. (4 nights if the distance is further away and requires 2+ flights and extra travel time).
  4. What is your travel fee, and are there any hidden costs or costs we should expect as far as photography is concerned?
    Some photographers have travel fees, others build it into their rates. Personally, I build it into my rate as one flat fee. That way, you aren’t nickel and dimed for every little thing. After photographing destination weddings for half a decade, I have come to learn the best practices for them. And after having traveled to 24 countries and counting, you’re in good hands with me.
  5. How soon after the wedding will we receive our photographs?
    Super important question for any wedding, but when it comes to destination weddings – there is that extra level of excitement that builds. Make sure everything is laid out very clearly in terms of what you will receive, when you will receive them, and the terms of use. Most photographers will give you what’s called “personal printing rights” which is what you want. This allows you to use them however you want (printing on your own or with your photographer, sharing on social media, etc etc).  Photographers do not give you the general copyright, but a “personal license” to use the images as you please for your personal use.

That’s it, really! The wedding day itself for destination weddings isn’t much different than a wedding where you live… it’s just the location that’s different and the aesthetic.

If you are planning a destination wedding to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Bali…. ANYWHERE… let’s chat.

I want to be your destination wedding photographer.

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Top 5 Questions to ask your destination wedding photographer


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