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5 Makeup Trends to Consider for Your Wedding

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As a bride-to-be, your wedding dress is not the only thing that is important. Your entire look matters, including makeup. On your big day, you want your look to stand out, but you also want to be comfortable and feel like it reflects who you are. Take inspiration from these five makeup trends. Then, create a look that is uniquely your own.

Pretty in Pink

Pink eyeshadow has been very popular in recent years. It is a universally flattering color that can brighten your eyes. You can go for a more muted shade or a bolder one; the choice is yours. A flush of pink or sparkle of magenta can help your eyes sparkle in photos. If you choose to go with pink, make sure you have a strong eyelash to match it, to keep it from overwhelming your eyes.

No Makeup-Makeup

For a natural look that is very on-trend, go for no makeup-makeup. Pick a foundation shade that looks like skin, and go over any imperfections with concealer. Top it off with a natural shade of blush. Choose natural, soft shades for both eyes and lips. Having defined brows is essential to making this look work. If you are not naturally blessed with thick brows, try microblading. This cosmetic procedure adds pigment to brows to fill out and properly shape them to match your face perfectly.

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Glossy Eyes and Lips

Gloss has made a comeback in a big way. Lip gloss is cool once again, as are shiny, mirror-like finishes. Eye gloss has also made its way into the lineup. Choosing either glossy eyes or lips will keep you from looking like you came straight from a sweat-filled workout when you walk down the aisle. Finish off by adding some highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face. If you choose this look, make sure you take some pictures while practicing the look to make sure it won’t create weird glares on your face.

Eye-Catching Liner

Jazzy eyeliner is anything but stale and boring. Colored liners are ultra-modern and suit those who like a pop of color. Pick one that complements your eye color and avoid sparkles to keep it classy. If you prefer a smaller twist on wedding eyeliner, go for a darker eyeliner with a subtle cat eye. Go heavy-handed on the product, so it stands out.

Be Radiant in Red

Classic red lips can work for a wedding, just be sure to wear one that flatters your skin tone and does not overwhelm it. Exfoliate, prime, apply and then set your lip color. A big trend this season has been to wear a red nail color in addition to a red lip. Are you bold enough to try it?

Buff Dudes elopement at Treehouse Point by Luma Weddings

Buff Dudes elopement at Treehouse Point by Luma Weddings

No matter where your wedding will be, consider incorporating one of these makeup trends into your look. They can help you be both timeless and trendy. Just make sure you practice your look before your wedding so you can get exactly what you want.

I hope all of that really helped you figure some things out!

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