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How to Make an Outdoor Wedding Comfortable for Guests

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The beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere of a garden, beach, or forest can be a lovely place to hold a wedding. However, an outdoor wedding can also come with some downsides due to the very nature of being in nature. Use these tips to make sure your guests are comfortable during any outdoor wedding area!

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Plan for Precipitation

No one wants to deal with rain or snow on their wedding day, but it can be impossible to know exactly what the weather will be like when you are setting a date months in advance. It is wise to go ahead and reserve a tent or an indoor wedding venue just in case you find out it is going to rain on your wedding day. If possible, try to find an outdoor area that has a pavilion, tent or offers some kind of protection from both sun and rain. Ask around too. Your photographer, planner, or even friends and family might know of some local areas where you can find the best of both worlds.

Keep Bugs Away

In warmer climates, pests can be a huge annoyance for your guests. A row of citronella candles can provide nice, romantic ambiance while scaring away some pests, and a nice selection of insect repellents will also be appreciated. You can even make your own bug bite relief solution with a combination of lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils.

Provide Useful Favors

Consider providing fans for guests to summer parties, so they can keep cool during the ceremony. For guests at winter outdoor weddings, you might want to provide small hand warmers, scarves, or pashminas to help your guests stay cozy. If it is going to be particularly chilly, you might even want to set out some thicker coats that guests can borrow or perhaps set a few areas where people can gather around an outdoor bonfire.

Include Some Shade

During summer outdoor weddings, your guests may be wearing light sundresses that can increase sunburn risks. It is important to have a shady area where guests can cool down and give their skin a break from the sun. If you do not want to bother with setting up a tent, consider having a bucket filled with pretty paper parasols that your guests can use to keep the sun off.

Include Temperature Control

Most event hosting businesses will provide larger scale temperature control options for outdoor weddings. Selecting some large space heaters or industrial size fans will help to ensure that the temperatures during your wedding and your reception are comfortable for all.

Keep them hydrated, and keep the drinks flowing!

Everybody will want your signature cocktail, and everybody will want to keep hydrated with ice-water. Keep both flowing!

Whether it is cold and rainy or hot and humid, your guests can still be comfortable as long as you follow these tips. With just a little preparation, you can ensure that everyone is focusing on the beautiful wedding instead of any unpleasant weather.

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