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Diablo Lake Engagement Session

Diablo Lake (aka Ross Lake) engagement session by Luma Weddings

One thing that I always try to communicate with couple’s that book me is to really take advantage of your engagement session.  On your wedding day, your schedule dictates the lighting, the locations, and the details of the photographs.  For your engagement session, you are completely in control of everything.  Time of day, location, time of year, outfits, props, length of session, privacy, and so much more.  Katie & Jarred’s Diablo Lake engagement session was exactly what they were searching for.

Personally, I (currently) offer three levels of engagement sessions.  A free mini, an upgrade to an adventurous session, or an upgrade to the best-of-the-best… the epic engagement session.  This couple, Katie & Jarred, booked the epic engagement session with me to take advantage of the most stunning locations that Washington State has to offer.  They wanted mountains, water, and trees all in one photo.  While there are countless rivers, waterfalls, lakes and ponds around the PNW… this is the only one that provides all of these main “ingredients” and not requiring any strenuous hikes… so that your hair, makeup, and complexion are all still on point for your session.  You don’t want to be sweaty, red, and exhausted before your shoot starts!  So, this location really is perfect.  It’s Lake Diablo, and their Lake Diablo engagement session was exactly what they wanted.

It’s quite a drive, though.  So, be prepared for that.  Depending on where you are coming from and the weather conditions… it’s 2-3 hours each way. (4-6 hours round trip).

If you are wanting more info straight from the Washington Trail’s Association, follow this LINK.

Also, keep in mind the time of year that you are wanting to go shoot this location and the time of day.  Since there are mountains surrounding the lake (on all sides), true sunset and Golden Hour at this location is not at the time you will see on your smartphone or on Google. Ask me, and let’s start planning your Diablo Lake engagement session!

You guessed it – more rain, more wind, and more amazing love stories.  ‘Tis the season!

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