Green Gates at Flowing Lake Wedding Venue | Ashley & Solver
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Green Gates at Flowing Lake Wedding Venue | Ashley & Solver

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Many couple’s who book me ask about the photographing in the rain.  Well, this Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding was the stormiest day of the entire year!  Many weather forecasters were calling for the “storm of the decade,” in fact.  It called for ultra-high winds, pouring rain, cold, and perfectly/negatively (depending on your point of view) timed with their wedding day schedule.  Personally, I love storms. I love photographing them, and coupling storms with high-end portraits on a wedding day? YES PLEASE.

I’ll preface my blog post by saying that every photographer has his/her own style. Every photographer will have their own respective opinion. But for me – I am not the type to stay inside all day and play things safe.  I am the type of wedding photographer to push couple’s to the edge of their comfort zone — all to create the most amazing photographs possible from their wedding day!  And you know what – every couple I have ever worked with is super thankful that I helped nudge them in the direction to get outside and embrace the weather!

And by embracing the weather, they fully embraced the biggest rain & wind storm of the year.

For their first look, they left it up to me to decide where to have it – and of course, I chose outside in the pouring rain with the cabin in the background. And their wedding party portraits followed with even more rain and wind!  We all loved every second of it!

The Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue caters well to stormy days while still getting the outside vibe.  The main space where the receptions are held has 3 walls. One end is completely open to the elements.  Two sides are opaque to allow light in, and the far wall is traditional wood siding which adds to the rustic vibe of the venue space.

Originally, Ashley + Solver (the bride and groom) were planning on having their ceremony on the outdoor lawn with the lake in the background, but with the massive storm that hit — the lawn became flooded with standing water and they moved their ceremony to the indoor reception space.  With the help of their wedding coordinators, they quickly flipped the indoor space and it went seamlessly!

There were a few moments during the toasts where the wind really started howling – and howling so loud that is became difficult to hear the speeches (more comical than troubling to most) – and it just added to the amazing story of their wedding day experience.  Their toasts were filled with so much emotion! It was beautiful.

The guests for their wedding were in for a real treat – and there were many who flew all the way over from Iceland since Solver is Icelandic. They got to see the real nature and power of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Check out these Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding photos!  (Super rainy!!)

Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue Cabin at Green Gates at Flowing Lake Rainy wedding in Snohomish at Green Gates at Flowing Lake Raining hard for this Snohomish wedding Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue Cabin wedding photos in Snohomish Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue Green Gates Flowing Lake cabin wedding photos Interior wedding photos at Green Gates Stormy wedding in Snohomish Wedding photos at the dock in Snohomish Photos out at the dock by Green Gates Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue Kissing outside of the Snohomish wedding venue Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding photos Green Gates at Flowing Lake ceremony photos Solid wedding photo of the groom Intimate first dances Huge rain storm at the Green Gates at Flowing Lake

And check out the Green Gates at Flowing Lake wedding venue HERE!

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