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Pouring Rain at Treehouse Point Elopement

Rainy elopement at Treehouse Point by Luma Weddings

This elopement was one of the rainiest days I have ever photographed. Period.  From the first second to the last, it was an absolute downpour. It was not the traditional rain of Seattle where it would be light, then moderate, then just clouds, then drizzle. No. This was intense rain for the entire two hours of their elopement at Treehouse Point in Fall City, Washington.  To boot, the couple had made the decision to elope only a few short weeks prior to actually tying the knot, and they completely embraced the weather — and I am so thankful for that!

Most couples tend to shy away from the rain because they don’t want their hair or makeup to run.  Her makeup didn’t budge. Her hair got soaked (photos to show), and it was gorgeous.  Very Nicholas Sparks.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out these gorgeous and VERY rainy elopement photographs here. Absolutely incredible.  PS, when viewing, make sure you check out the small details in the photographs (completely soaked shirt, dripping wet hair, rain drops caught on camera falling through the sky). There were so many incredible moments during the elopement, and I wasn’t about to miss anything because of a “little” rain.

My biggest piece of advice that comes from this wedding is to ’embrace the weather of your wedding day, rain or shine.’

This was also the elopement where my Canon 5D Mark II stopped functioning correctly due to the rain.  It can normally handle inclement weather just fine… but this day was something else.  Of course, I always have a backup camera on me (literally) at all times and it gave me a good reason to buy the new Canon 5D Mark IV.

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