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Beauty Tips for your Wedding

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Beauty tips for your wedding. Such a huge topic, am I right? Let’s start with what I learned from my own wedding as well as the 100+ weddings that I’ve photographed over the years.

Seattle Beauty Tips

Work out a time schedule and stick to it. Plotting out your beauty details months before your wedding will help you remain calm and collected so that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Two Months Before

• A good skin care regimen is important to get ready for your big day but don’t do anything too extreme. To bump up your normal routine, try adding I-Skin Intelligent Microdermabrasion System.

• Moisture is so important for healthy glowing skin. Apply an oil-free moisturizer each morning before your makeup and after you take if off each night. I suggest Beyond Belief ABH Oil Free Moisturizer for your face and throat.

Four to Six Weeks Before

• Make your appointment now to have your hair and makeup done. Schedule a consultation and try several different styles with and without your veil and experiment with more dramatic makeup. Remember the waterproof mascara.

Two Weeks Before

• Time for a trim and to touch up your hair color or highlights. Keep hair healthy with a deep conditioner twice a week. Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque is made to repair any damage and make your hair super shiny.

One Week Before

• Schedule a pedicure but keep feet fabulous until the big day with some extra pampering. The Soothing Lavender Foot Soak can be handy if you plan on dancing the night away at your reception.

• Don’t leave any waxing until the last minute. You could end up with shiny, red skin and that isn’t what you want for your wedding photos.

Day Before

• Slip an eye mask in the freezer for a few minutes and use it to minimize puffy eyes.

• For an always-classic look, try Sally Girl polish in Mellow for fingernails and a fun red for toenails. The small-size bottles are excellent to have on hand for touchups and the polish dries quickly.

Help the day go smoothly by keeping a small bag with beauty basics such as clear fingernail polish to stop a run, bob pins to help hold an unruly curl and toupee tape for a fallen hem. Seattle beauty tips can be different than beauty tips you might hear in drier or more humid locations, too. Wherever you are getting married, focus on beauty tips for that sort of weather and that sort of specific regimine dedicated to your type of skin & hair. Seattle beauty tips are for obviously Seattle (and cities similar to it). Let me know if you have any questions!! – Haley Goldie

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Have an amazing day!