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Mount Baker Engagement Session near Artist Point

Mount Baker Artist Point engagement session by Luma Weddings

For this engagement session, I photographed Ashley and Solver in May of 2016 at Mount Baker.  We tried getting to the very top where you can find Artist Point and the gorgeous overlook up there, but the snowpack was way too high to give it a shot.  It was over their heads!  Thankfully, the snowplows cut a super clean line against the snowpack and it made for some great images.

Solver was born & raised in Iceland, so this kind of weather is right up his alley and something he is very familiar with. Ashley grew up in the mountains and trees and has a deep fondness for the environment, as well.  Mount Baker was perfect for them and their personalities.

If you choose to have your engagement session at Mount Baker, just be prepared for a long drive.  Also, make sure to check the weather conditions of the mountain and the road conditions, too.  The opening and closing dates of the road vary each year, and Artist Point is typically only open for a few months a year during the warmest months.

I’m still absolutely wanting to photograph a couple in mid-winter during a clear day… so if you ski or snowboard and have always wanted your engagement session on the mountain with a gorgeous overlook, definitely reach out to me!  I love those kinds of sessions.  The more adventurous, the better.  That’s what I say. 🙂

Check out their beautiful Mount Baker engagement session below!

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